Your favorite PF blog post of all time?


I’m doing some data-driven research…and would love some inputs on the community’s all-time favorite posts.

Is there a specific post that changed your life? (regardless of author)


These are the best posts I’ve read this year, all are well written, actually useful AND teach the reader something they didn’t already know.





I think the best posts are the ones that transform your way of thinking. With that said, I think this one from Financial Samurai really lit a fire under people to do better for themselves:


This one by MMM:


The MMM post was already towards the top on my current list :wink:

Thanks @theluxestrategist, @moneysloths, @Slow_Dad!!


I of course enjoyed the early MMM posts but added this one in there

And then reading ERE and buying Jacob’s book
(Notice it was written in 2007)


It is hard to pick a single post that I would call my favorite. I have learned so much from so many.

I learned a ton from Go Curry Cracker’s (GCC) series of tax filing posts.

The Mad Fientist taught me a lot of lessor known ideas about IRAs and Tax Harvesting.

With so much knowledge being shared it is all but impossible to pick a favorite. However, I thank everyone who is taking time to share what they know, it is greatly appreciated.