You would have to be a MAJOR budgeting nerd to understand


But if you are (a budgeting nerd, that is) I think you’ll love the playlist we put together at YNAB.
7 pop songs—completely rewritten and recorded Wierd Al style—and hilarious for those of us that are so inclined to think about budgeting way more than is normal. :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the playlist on Soundcloud:
Here’s a link to a landing page where you can listen (but also read all the lyrics!), if that’s more your jam:

If you have even a fraction of a good time listening, as we did putting this together, well, it’s a good time. :slight_smile:


These are seriously well done and hilarious! My personal favorite is the Budget Meeting one. I :heart:YNAB!


so much fun! :slight_smile:


This is the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen…

I love it.



we are officially the nerdiest :slight_smile:


You are all clearly my kind of people :slight_smile: Well done!