Year in Review : 2017 Photo Essay


As I transitioned to my life being FIRE I was able to focus on my photography, writing and freelance work. This saw a big shift in my blog posts talking about my financial journey towards my outdoor pursuits instead. I hope to write some lifestyle posts and sneak financial discussion back into my blog in 2018 in a manner that still engages my new readership.

The Rockstar Finance forums helped me so much make the changes to my blog and thanks to all that answered many questions here.

Happy New Year !


Absolutely beautiful photography! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


WOW, gorgeous! You are clearly doing exactly what you are meant to be doing! All the best in 2018!


Cheers Steve, looking forward to seeing the big changes here at RSF and your work behind the scenes.


Wowww! Absolutely wonderful photography.

When I was going through your mountain biking photos, I was reminded of markymath on Instagram (I’ve been following him there for ages now). And then I clicked on the website you linked in your post and I realized your friend IS markymath! Having a little fan girl moment here :slight_smile:

We want to move back to Vancouver post-FIRE, I cannot wait to be back in the great Canadian outdoors!!!


Looks like you had fun in 2017. The pictures are breathtaking as usual.


LOL @frugalhackers
Yup me and Mark are buddies and hopefully you will see more photos from me in 2018
The Images with the rider in the yellow coat on my review is him from our Washington bike trip.

Thanks to everyone that has stopped by the blog, commented and shared!
I really appreciate it


Love it, I love these outdoor pics.


I need to get you back out in the Alpine so we can hit a day trip up Black Tusk or something similar. Thanks @Tawcan


I need to put a sincere thank-you out there to @PoF for his kind link and shout-out on his Sunday Best post today. Very kind of you and I am very grateful :raised_hands:


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Will check this out. Thanks!