So……have you saved any money this week? If not, why? If so, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re one of the people who didn’t manage to tuck away a few Georges ask yourself why. Just not motivated? Do you feel like you just don’t make enough money in order to put some safely away? Maybe saving the partying money cramps your lifestyle? Listen man, I hear ya! I made those same excuses for DECADES. Mainly I didn’t give it much thought at all in my 20’s (which is when you need to get started!!). I was much to busy living “that day” and not giving one shit about “tomorrow”. Truth is I’ve wasted TONS OF MONEY in my life simply by partying, attorney fees, fines, new vehicles, credit cards, restaurants, cell phones, cable tv, and much more I’m sure is slipping my mind right now! LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! And why? I ask myself that almost everyday. Was I just blind to the saving aspect of life? Maybe I thought I’d eventually “get around to it”? Or maybe I just didn’t care what the future held? Honestly, I’m not even sure what I was thinking! Thank God in Heaven that He finally woke me up! It finally ” clicked” for me! In my life, I’m stubborn and have to learn EVERYTHING the “hard way” and I guess learning how to handle money is certainly no different. I’ve learned that it is definitely a ” frame of mind” and without that, you’re dead in the water. You MUST CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK! Money is not for buying yourself anything and everything you see! Money used the right way can literally BUY YOUR FREEDOM! Why take orders and do the same thing day after day after day for 50 years? Really?? Seriously?? I’m here to tell you that you can cut that in half or maybe even more if you’ll just live on less than what you make. You CAN SAVE MONEY each and every week if you’ll just COMMIT TO IT! And I’m not talking about the 30% off sale at Kohl’s! That’s NOT SAVING. That’s SPENDING! Track your spending (religiously) and figure out where each dollar is going. You’ll be surprised to see all the WASTE (anything that you absolutely can live without). Make necessary cuts and put the savings in a money market account at Vanguard.com. Simple! Once you hit a thousand bucks, then invest it and watch it grow! It’s just common sense right? We all know we need to prepare for emergencies and our future so why don’t we? What’s holding YOU back? Thanks for reading and if any of this applies to you, I think it’s time to make a change in your life! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT MONEY! You work for it everyday. Don’t you think it’s time that it WORKS FOR YOU?

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Wow, came across your post, really enlightened! Thanks for writing this topic, mind if I follow?


Thanks! I appreciate it! Feel free!


No it’s all my thoughts. Thanks for reading!