Would you take a personal loan for the last-minute vacation?


Nowadays, many people book their vacations in advance :beach_umbrella: I am a realist and consider this option is a little bit risky since we don’t know what can happen to us the next day.

Here is a story that proves my realistic beliefs ‘Pete’s and Janie’s Personal Loan for the Last-Minute Vacation’. The couple from this story has faced a difficult choice in my opinion. They had to choose between a loan for a vacation and their dream.

I haven’t had such situations as Pete and Janet had, but I just wonder how many people would apply for a personal loan to pay their vacation?


I have done it and wouldn’t really recommend it unless you are getting an incentive or a unexpected hike sometime soon! Unless you live life in the edge of a cliff kind of adrenaline manner.


Yes, in fact, I have done that twice. Last-minute travel can be financially challenging at times. I will share one instance when I had to attend a cousin’s wedding. We have good bonding among us, and hence I could not miss her wedding. Now, for booking tickets, arranging accommodation, and other shopping expenditures, I required INR 50,000 on an immediate basis. For once, I thought of liquidating my investments but that would have severely affected my returns. Therefore, I thought of opting for a personal loan. Since I wanted funds on an urgent basis, I chose an online app called Upwards. It provided me a personal loan in Kolkata. The eligibility criteria is lucid and the complete application process is hassle-free. Always remember, in a world where present seems too important, putting aside travel plans due to lack of funds is not viable.


Well, I agree that a cousin’s wedding is a nice reason, however, such an event is usually planned and all the guests are invited ahead.