Would YOU have taken the money? (POLL)


I would have taken it, because I’m a fan of security and all that jazz.

Haven’t been bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit yet, and the pride that comes with it.


I would’ve taken the deal if it was $1M upfront. At $300k, you’re better off holding the site for passive income.


Tough call to make, no doubt. I know you’ve sold sites in the past, but BAS and RSF are your babies. It’s hard to hand that over to someone else. Even if they were only trying to buy one…how could you choose?? You did the right thing. Your gut knew before your wallet even had a chance to find out! No harm done. But should it come again, your fan base will follow you anywhere…as evident by the success of this forum in such a short time! :slight_smile:


@MissMazuma thanks, friend :slight_smile:


I agree with @MissMazuma! I think you’ve clearly got more up your sleeve as evidenced by the early success of this forum, and we’d all be at a disservice without getting your best (as you mentioned in your recent post).


You really can’t put a price on your passion. It’s clear you love what you do. BTW this forum is next level! I’m glad you didn’t sell so we all have a cool place to hang out and talk PF. This is the best forum i’ve been a part of. I was on MMM and Bogleheads, but the vibe here is the best. Thanks man.



Watching, judging, look at the baby, look at the baby


I remember your lottery experiment! I bought one and won like $100. unfortunately I didn’t stop while I was ahead. :smiley:

But when I was in Monaco, I won 40 Euros on a slot machine and I did stop while I was ahead. :wink:


So glad to hear that!! We def. want a positive place here and so far it’s going incredibly well :slight_smile: Thanks for being a part of it!