Would YOU have taken the money? (POLL)


After months of soul searching and changing my mind three different times, I finally decided to turn down a million-dollar buy out offer for my two sites (Budgets Are Sexy and Rockstar Finance (gasp)).

Ironically this forum here wouldn’t have been around had I said “yes,” but if you were me, would you have taken it?

  • Hell yeah!
  • No way - you made the right call

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You can see my post about it all here, if you haven’t read it already: http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/2016/11/million-dollar-blog-deal/


@J.Money, heck yes! You could have fully retired in just two years, then been free to persue all your other dreams. Who knows, maybe you could have rolled your dreams into “goals” for your employer to benefit both of you while you still get to draw a salary.


Barring any non-compete, you could have taken the money and invested it in future ventures. You didn’t make the wrong decision, you can also grow this to be whatever you want it to be and make even MORE money in two years than the offer, but it’s just not the decision I would have made. Congratulations in any case!


I think what you built here represents more than just a money source. You’ve poured your heart and soul into blogging and it’s “your baby”, as it were. It’s tough for me to judge one way or another because YOU are the one who put so much time and effort into making this a wonderful community to be a part of. And hey, you never know what will happen in the future - a busy forum, along with the regular success of Rockstar Finance and Budgets Are Sexy might DOUBLE the value of what you built in a couple years - then, you’ll be glad that you waited.


Thanks guys - though some of you are now making my wallet give me the judgy face haha…

The selling everything route was definitely the easy way, that’s for sure… this new one is going to take a lot more time and learning to pull off, but I do think there’s a chance to make even more down the line once it’s time, but really I just want to be HAPPY waking up every day with what i’m working on. I wasn’t sure the other route would have done that, and this one I am sure - so worst case I’m happy w/ less money? :slight_smile:

(Thx for keeping it real btw - I love to hear true answers as it all helps)


I love that you turned this into a poll. hahaha!!!

There’s part of me that would have taken it.
But I voted NO.

And again, you absolutely made the right decision. Not only turning down the money, but all the things you are planning on moving forward. It’s going to end up (IMO) bigger and better. More money for you?? Maybe, probably. But that’s not the point.


If it weren’t for all ideas I wanted to get out the door, it probably would have gone the other way! it would have been nice to gotten paid bank to just write out your thoughts haha… Damn that entrepreneurial spirit!


The FIRE side of my brain says you should have taken it and set yourself up for retirement (in the traditional sense of the word) . BUT… you hold the other side of the equation and that is the present and future value of the site from a financial standpoint including the monetary return and appreciation of it as an asset. I can’t fully make an assessment from this financial standpoint.

Secondly, from a financial standpoint are you doing the same as a homeowner? You love your house so much and everything you put into it that you can’t see it for what it is … just a house.

Third, if you were walking away and not being tied to it’s operation for 2 years I think you would have taken the money. As soon as it is not yours the passion and commitment would not have been the same.

I am sure you will find the right answer at the right time and for now you did what was right. I’m stoked we still get to be part of the awesomeness that is your websites we have grown to love.



Interestingly enough, at one point I was thinking about this as a homeowner/renter route - but more in a minimalistic way. The idea of not being attached to something (like these sites) did have its beauty, just like me loving very much renting right now!, but you are exactly right with how the passion/commitment may have gone…

I think i just need to figure out how to make more $$$ if only to hire someone else to do all the tech stuff going forward :slight_smile:


Having given up a nice 6-figure salary for how I live now (and two offers for the same since then), I can firmly say that I would’ve passed. Don’t want another boss for the foreseeable future. [insert wretched sounds of your choice here]


I voted no.

I think this is the typical entrepreneurs dilemma. So many successful entrepreneurs put their heart and soul into their companies and then sell only to ask themselves “now what?”.

If blogging, building a community, connecting people, and making a difference are things you’re really excited about doing (and you happen to be making pretty decent money doing it), then selling would put you in a situation where you’d have to start all over - and what if it’s not the same next time around?

Sure, the money is nice, but most people will tell you that FIRE is more about the FI than the RE. You usually don’t quit working and sit on a beach - you’re still going to work on something. I can’t imagine @J.Money not hustling on something!


I would have gone back and forth about it, too, but I think you did the right thing for two major reasons:

This is your passion and your community. I’m putting words in your mouth, but I’m guessing that’s the case by how much you’ve invested of yourself into all these projects and your thousands of blog posts. You would have remained involved for a while, sure, but “selling out” inherently changes the way you’re viewed and the way you would interact with readers. And ultimately, I bet you might have felt a bit empty at the end of the day, even with a fat paycheck.

Earn-outs and incentives suck. I probably would have taken the deal if that million bucks were up front, but going from working for yourself to working for someone else is not an easy transition, especially when you feel like you have to stick it out in order to collect the rest of the purchase price. I’m sure your prospective buyers are lovely people, but the working dynamic also changes when the deal is closed and ROI targets need to be hit.


Thanks for chiming in all :slight_smile:

Always fascinating to talk about this stuff “in the past” when for so long it was top of my mind for MONTHS (and a secret). I honestly don’t know what feels better - not thinking about it anymore, or finally telling people about it!

Either way - def. feeling good with it and glad we’re all here in the forums which is just the first of 8 ideas I want to get out the door… They’re all geared around community!


Hold out. Keep up the good work and you’ll be offered much more. I give it 5 years :+1:


That is exactly the concern I had, if it was a lump sum walk a way deal take it. But it wasn’t and that woulda sucked working for someone else.


Exactly. The money buzz would have worn off WAY before the end of the employment obligation. And I think J$ is now officially unemployable. Sorry sir, can’t see you working for someone else at this point. :laughing:


I voted yes, but I do NOT have the entrepreneur spirit! All I see is my retirement number right there and then the ability to retire and figure out what I want to do all day… but it seems that your company IS what you want to do all day, so. :wink:


I’m glad you didn’t take it - as @Steve said, this is your baby! And I’d be very concerned with restrictions on your money-making potential after entering into such a deal. Not only would there very likely be a non-compete, but even in the absence of one (and depending on state law) you might have ended up owing some fiduciary duty or duty of “good faith” or something to your new employer that would prevent you from doing any side work (like this forum!)

That said, if anyone offered me $1M, I’d take it in a heartbeat. It’d help me climb up from the second-to-last spot on your Ultimate List of Blogger Net Worth!


Aww, haha… Well, hopefully hanging out with all us here will help you climb it even faster as well :slight_smile: If I ever hit the lottery I’ll make it rain to all those who first signed up to this forum!!!

(and don’t you dare go down the whole “lottery is for those who hate money” - I know how you $$ bloggers are ;))


And knowing most of the folks in here, they’d say “Nah, just pay it forward, friend.” :beers: