Winter is coming!

  1. 22-24 C at daytime (you know… baby reqs) and 18-20 overnight when we use gas and have a thermostat when the dead of winter hits we change to the wood burning furnace, those times it’s a little bit more tricky, but the goal temps are the same

  2. Take a second set of clothes (T-shirt, underwear, socks, etc…) when going on a bike anywhere to be able to change if you get sweaty to prevent getting a cold. Oh, and winter tires should be used (I heard those aren’t mandatory everywhere).

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The above given suggestions are really very nice to keep your home warm and comfortable in winters. As my sisters stay in highly cold town, I know its really important to take advice and be ready for the cold climate. when her family shifted in new town she always made sure to take help of residential electrical repairs NJ and be prepared with the HVAC unit. You can also assure that your system is working efficiently by taking professional help.


What the wise Swede said resonates with me. It took me way too long to figure it out - I used to skimp on winter clothes and blankets and crank up the heat. Then I did the math and figured out (and of course blogged about) the saving power of a down blanket.

In answer to @edgarpickle with our fleece lined shirts downblankets and Uggs (I should write about that - I will!) we keep it at a reasonable temp - like 69 in the day and then drop it to the high 50’s at night. As experiment we let it go to the low 50’s one night just to see what it was like with an awesome down blanket (be forewarned the real ones are expensive and way better then the synthetics - we have both) and were perfectly fine. Just felt odd to have a 50 degree house so we bumped it back up. This year maybe we will put in the low 60’s and experiment. With uggs by the bed cold floors don’t matter.

Oh and a guy at work I know had an flannel blankets, a hot water bottle and electric blanket and kept the temps so the pipes wouldn’t freeze. A bit extreme but I noticed he stopped coming in about two years ago - I assume he no longer needed the money…


Get a Nest and put it in eco mode - that way folks can mess with it all they want but when no one is there the device figures it out and goes into savings mode. Turns it back on when you get back. Automate your savings…