Why Your Free Email Address May Be Costing You Sales in VideoForProfit


Are you thinking of starting to market VideoForProfit online? Great! This can be a wonderful opportunity for you. Chances are, however, that you are probably starting this endeavor because you are in need of more money. After all, that is why most people start working online. So, if you are to start an online business, you don’t want to break the bank doing it right?

If you answered yes to this question, you are a very smart new marketer. It is important not to rack up your credit cards and go into debt because you are starting a new business that you don’t even know will succeed. There is one mistake that a lot of new marketers make that costs them sales upon sales. It may not be what you think it is.

Free email accounts are great to have, and most people have them. However, in the online business world, a free email account spells trouble. Why? Well, having one that you use to market your business with says that you are not very professional and can’t even afford to buy an email account for your business. After all, it only costs about $10 a year for a domain name. Free email accounts are one of the biggest mistakes people make.

You see, having a free email account is a red alarm to other marketers and business savvy web surfers that you are a spammer. No one likes a spammer. Plenty of visitors will see this and run. Not too good for your business, right?

Having your own domain name makes you stand out in the crowd. You are the only one with that domain name, and you are labeled by it. This shows you really are serious about your business.

Yes, starting an online business doesn’t have to cost a lot, but scrimping on the things that make you stand out and help you become more reputable is simply not a good idea. There are other places you can save.

So, get a domain name, advertise it everywhere. Send people your new email address for more information on your business. You will be the expert at this new VideoForProfit business, and people will see you that way.
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