Why won't we SAVE?


Saving money is obviously an important action to be taken to maintain strong financial health. Unfortunately, many of us put it off until our 40’s and miss out on DECADES OF COMPOUND INTEREST. It’s also something that many people will never do despite being widely encouraged to do so. Tomorrow holds no significance for them at all.


Those of us who prioritize our future selves are bound to have happier futures. It’s amazing, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Without a doubt! I was a late bloomer but now managing to get on track. Thanks for the reply!


In general I think people are just encouraged to spend more and more money. I always thought I was weird for saving my money because other people my age (thinking back to high school) would spend every dime. Consumerism and spending is all over; some people don’t know anything else.


Sad but true :frowning: