Why do you like your favorite podcast?


I’m interested in what you like about your favorite podcast.

Without mentioning the show, what is it that you like about it?

(I mean, you can mention the show if you want, but I’m much, much more interested in why you like it than I am in what show’s you listen to. That question was answered here.)

Also, what turns you off from a podcast? Why did you stop listening to the ones you stopped listening to?

So, why?



I’ll give mine away. Two of my favorite podcasts are Bigger Pockets and Afford Anything. For me, good information is the most important and they both provide that.

But even if you’re dishing out good info, it needs to be entertaining. I’ve listened to some podcasts with some really smart guys, but that have bored the crap out of me and I couldn’t listen to them.

I really like how Josh and Brandon play of each other and have fun in their shows. And Paula has some fun in hers too… I actually enjoy the cut scenes she sometimes plays at the end! :smile:

– Jim


Perfect, thank you!


Stacking Benjamins - I like the different sections they do - headlines - guest - listener calls and questions. Brings something different to every show and covers multiple topics.

They are both entertaining and talk about non-financial topics as well. The straightforward personal views are refreshing.

I haven’t noticed this as much on Financial podcasts but poor production quality is a deal breaker for me. If I have to crank my volume to 100 in the car or there is a lot of background noise I usually unsubscribe


Perfect, thanks.


Radical Personal Finance, Retirement Answer Man, and Doughroller. Knowlegeable hosts, without being boring.

The one immediate turn-off: when you just can’t stand someone’s voice/monotone/cadence. Subjective, but you know what you don’t like.


what is it that you like about it?

Entertaining delivery, and brings something new to the subject matter as opposed to all those dreadful “me too” podcasts that just rehash the same old content that has been done to death elsewhere.

Also, what turns you off from a podcast?

The incestuous podcasters interviewing podcasters in the same field.

The rehashing of the same old interviews with the celebrities and talking heads in a given field (e.g. Jim Collins, Seth Godin, JD Roth, etc). These are often talented and accomplished guests, with huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom to offer, yet so many podcasters simply rehash the same old tired questions. Half the time even the guests sound bored!

Why did you stop listening to the ones you stopped listening to?

Didn’t bring anything new to the subject, or started becoming advertorials rather than podcasts creating new interesting content.

When this happens they are just as bad as the lazy personal finance bloggers who chasing the low hanging fruit by writing those dreadful affiliate laden posts touting the likes of Personal Capital, Mint and Bluehost.


My favorites are 48 Days to the Work you Love and Freakonomics radio. I listen to many, but those are are current favs.


Does Mint even have an affiliate prgoram? :smiley:


Fantastic thoughts, thanks!


Lol, turns out it does @_TJ


I’m a big fan of Planet Money because to me they deliver the right mix of story and information. They are so polished with their format I can hear episodes again and again and pick up something new.


Audio quality issues. I don’t mean the occasional hiss or strange sound, but consistent hard-to-understand bad quality. I know a lot of people listen to podcasts in their car where it’s probably a nice quiet environment, but I listen to them on the subway. If someone is trying to record a podcast using the mic in the Apple earbuds (or their guest is using the Apple earbuds), it’s not going to be listenable. It’s surprising how many podcasts fail at this.


When the host doesn’t listen to the guest answers. I stopped listening to a podcast because it was so obvious the host wasn’t listening to the responses, and asking things that had already been answered.


This. Audio issues are incredibly distracting!
Also, @DebtDiscipline’s answer below about hosts not respecting their guests, talking over them or talking in circles. Bigger Pockets has such amazing content but the hosts drive me crazy by talking over each other.


Definitely this. I’m not even talking about being “an entertainer” - just have a little bit of spark, or personality. This is one of the reasons I enjoy Money to the Masses, even when some episodes don’t have anything of value to me in the content - the two guys are obviously friends, having fun and enjoying what they do. On the opposite side of the spectrum, too much showmanship turns me off as well. Just don’t be a know-it-all wanker! I guess it boils down to - if I feel you are being genuine, and talking to me as a (knowledgeable) friend would, that’s cool.

I also like The Meaningful Money podcast, because Pete breaks his information into 2 sections - what you need to know, and what you need to do. Actionable advice (even if it seems simplistic) is important.

Finally, I don’t want podcasts to go on for too long. I prefer half an hour, maximum. I’ve got too much variety that I want to listen to, and limited time. I have discarded some podcasts simply because at 1 hour an episode, I know I’d never be able to keep up.

Oh, one last pet peeve - please make sure the volume of your intros and outros (is that a word?) is level with the volume of your recorded podcast. The number of times I have to leap to the volume button because the podcast has ended and my ears are blasted by the closing music … grrrr! I know nothing about sound post-production, but I’m sure there’s equalisation or something that can be done, because it doesn’t happen for every podcast I listen to.


Very, very helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to type all that out.


I stopped cold turkey on the first podcast that got me listening to personal finance podcasts. The show was entertaining, but the real deal killer was that the host that was supposed to be the finance minded one was really wrong about simple personal finance topics. Not everything, but a lot. Felt like there was minimal research. Shiny object syndrome. Got some guests pitching stuff that was an obvious suckers’ play. Just too much to bear.


Very helpful. Thank you.