Who Wants To Be Interviewed?


Would love to be a part of this! :slight_smile: jing@millennialmoneydiaries.com


Sorry I’ve been away on vacation this Thanksgiving here in Canada. I’ll try to send the interview to all who were interested now.


Are you still looking for volunteers? If so, can I volunteer?



I don’t know if I qualify as a PF/FIRE blogger, but I’m game. RogueDadMD@gmail.com


If there’s room in this series for a negative net worth Millennial lawyer shooting up to FI in possibly 5-10 years, I’m happy to shamelessly self-promote all over you!


Always happy to help others, drop me a note at liz@chiefmomofficer.org


I read “I’m in if you need a mother” I was like woahh what?


I think I’m pretty late to this, but if not too late, hit me up at wo@workingoptional.com - thanks!


Count me in tawcan.com@gmail.com


I’m in, you can send the questions to chroniclesofafatherwithcents@gmail.com


I’d love to participate if this is still open. Please send the questions to Jason@WinningPersonalFinance.com


Sounds great! please send 'em over to militaryfire@militaryfire.com

Looking forward to it!!


FI Guy and I would love to get in on this. You can contact us here: admin@FIHeroes.com
We are about 15 months away from our FI/RE date and would love to share our journey with folks.


Hey Money Miser, I’d love to participate if you’re still looking for folks! Can send the questions to prosperlyway@gmail.com


Money Miser,
Looks like you’ve got a ton of response to this series, but if you are still putting together more interviews I am interested.

email: atypicallife@outlook.com



Sounds like fun, I sent you a note.


According to his site, he might not be coming back?


I’m interested.What’s happens next?