Which of your blog post gives you massive traffic ? Have you noticed why?


You’ll definitely agree with me on the fact that very few blog post gives massive traffic to your blog. But which are those and why they give traffic to your blog post. Have you noticed anything in them?


My top post to date is

The post did way worse than I expected at first, then I started promoting in on forums and social media. several days in a row, all I did was promote that post and eventually it took off.


Yep, my post popular post, by far, is my mini-rant about expensive cars that I wrote several years ago:

The reason is simple: It’s controversial. Controversy sells.


Controversy does sell, my most shared post is My post about high-income bloggers.

it got shared by people who agreed, it got shared by people who disagreed, it was pretty crazy.

A Blogger who disagreed with me linked to the post, and he was one of my top referrers for a month or two.


Buy on Alibaba sell on Amazon. I did not promote it at all but it turned out that there’s no any other similar guide online (read no competition).

Now the best part. Every SEO tool I know shows that “Buy on Alibaba sell on Amazon” has ZERO search volume but somehow I get 200+ Google visitors, daily, for the exact search term.


That’s really a fabulous article.


Thank you!