Where to get charts for my blog


I’m looking for a resource where I can find charts that I can use on my blog (gogreendollar). Fore example, I’m currently writing a post and I’d like to include a chart that compares the performance of the S&P U.S. Aggregate Bond Index with the S&P 500 or DJIA over the last 25-50 years. Where can I find (or create) something like that, which can be included on my blog at little or no cost? I’m grateful for any guidance. Thanks in advance for your help!


FRED and yahoo finance both have that data for free. I think you can just screenshot it. If you’re looking for the graph to match your blog theme, then you can grab the data and create your own graph in excel.


I used Yahoo finance for mine, found their site the best. You’ll have to screenshot them though, I didn’t see a way to get html code to make the charts live and interactive on your blog.


I recommend the federal reserve (FRED database). Easy to make and customize graphs. Also allows you to export the graph data in different ways so you can customize further.

To see what they look like, I just used FRED for a graph on this article about recessions. The graphs also include the source which is nice. It’s been my go-to for economic and stock index data.


I use Excel, through my employer, so no idea how much that would cost to buy privately.


NICE!!! Thanks for the advice! These are GREAT resources. Thanks all!


as a courtesy, include the source to whatever your screenshot or take data from.


If you need a spreadsheet like Excel but don’t want to or can’t pay for it, there is an Open Source (free) alternative. Works on Windows, Mac, Linux. And is compatible with Excel files.

get LibreOffice from https://www.libreoffice.org/


Has anyone tried https://onomics.com/#/new, the pricenomics graphing offer? It’s free at the moment.