When do you pay bills? And how?


Because I’m obsessed with a 0 balance, I manually pay my bills via my bank account or the company’s website as soon as I get the bill. The only autodraft bill I have is my car/rent insurance and I think I got a slight discount for setting it up. Other than that I like to pay the bill myself.

Except rent - for that I write a check! (Even us non-dinosaur millennials sometimes know how to write a check). I actually drop rent off at my landlord’s house so since it is so personal paying with a card isn’t even an option outside of the services that will send him a check for me.


Most bills are automatic (phone, cell phone, Netflix, electricity, car/home insurance etc.). Mortgage is paid online but not automatic because I want to be able to make the payment when my second paycheck hits my checking account, and the date varies. I have to pay some bills by check-mostly oil and car taxes-and others by debit card (quarterly garbage bill, medical bills). Back before autopay was a thing I would sit down and pay bills once a month but I was always forgetting something, misplacing a bill, and so on. I’m very grateful for auto-pay


I do the same thing - but just started thinking about some bills (for our rentals) that can’t be paid that way. We plan on being gone for a month or so next fall - so I’m going to check on “paying ahead” and putting in a balance that covers the bills when we are traveling. The other option is to do some kind of “mail forwarding” or getting a friend to mail the check. Haven’t processed this one too much - but it will be a pain for about 5 or 6 bills.