What's Your Main Background?


I feel like there are a lot of software engineers/computer people in the FIRE world, but maybe that’s a result of confirmation bias (I noticed 2 of you, then only ever paid attention when someone said they were the same). I was wondering, what do you consider to be your main background? I know, if you are anything like me, you may have made your way through several of those below, so just pick the one that you feel most suits you.

I’ve hidden the respondents, just in case any of you would like your anonymity preserved!

  • Arts
  • Customer Service
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Entrepreneur
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Manufacturing/Construction
  • Science/Health
  • Technology (Computing/Software etc.)
  • Other (tell me what I’ve forgotten below!)

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IT project manager here-computer people represent!


I’m in Business Finance and Management, so finance isn’t exactly spot on as I think more about the industry rather than the field when I hear that word. It’s probably the closest option :slight_smile:


Mine covers too much of the list
construction/electronics/networking/software/life safety/security/video/sales … and the list goes on. And yes, I wear many hats…


Interesting poll, thanks for initiating it. I’ve worked 31 years in the manufacturing sector. Various management roles, including operations (Plant Manager), Supply Chain, Sales. I’m now a commodity trader.


I’ve added a section to the new Directory that lists what bloggers professions are fyi.

I think you’ll be surprised to see how different we all are! (though curious to see what bog niches tend to be, like FIRE and engineering like you mention)


Quick question, @J.Money. If we’ve already filled out our directory registration, how are you planning to get us to update new sections?


Accountant, so I selected finance, though as @Lars-Christian mentioned above, it doesn’t quite fit perfectly.


I’m in software - especially, database development, web services, make-shit-work.


that’s a good question, haha… not sure yet :slight_smile: putting together a team to help me develop it all though so I’ll hopefully have an answer once it’s time!


I think most of us bloggers could consider ourselves entrepreneurs, in a broad sense :slight_smile:


Three people answered “law”. That’s me, you and who is the third person hiding out?


Software/Programming background - self taught (my poll selection). However, my current responsibilities are Finance/Investment related, but I handle the software at my job, too.



Started in IT. Made an odd transition to Procurement about 8 years ago. I started taking accounting classes to help with dealing with Finance department at work. This really increased my interest in personal finance.


Emergency physician here, also super-surprised that science/health is polling nearly three times higher than engineers.


Software Engineer here. I work in the area of operating systems, file systems and storage.


The best part about that picture is that there are four cats, again reinforcing the “lawyers are bad at math” stereotype.




My name tag says pastor, which means a lot of different things to different people, but I am really a teacher, helping people.


I’m an engineering manager (with a computer engineering background), leading a team that develops medical devices.

So… I guess I get to be a part of Engineering, Technology, and Science/Health :slight_smile: