What's your excuse for not going to FinCon 2017?


Ha! Best response ever. :slight_smile:


I really want to go, but I had previously arranged a 12 day vacation starting the next week. NO WAY was I going to get another week off work. Bummed…but I plan to go next year!!


Would love to be there but it doesn’t fit into my debt payoff plan (over $36k so far this year with $22.5k in student loans left). Rain check for next year?


I’m not going to FinCon but I am signed up for MilBlogging Conference that is the 2 days before FinCon starts…so I’ll be in Dallas until Wednesday morning! Maybe FinCon is in the cards for next year.


If I’m still blogging next year then I might give it a spin. I would like to meet some peeps irl but it seems cheaper and easier to get a gang together in my area.


Would be that be the “Con” in FinCon?:grinning:

I’ll be working, but would otherwise be inclined to go in an upcoming year. I’d be more excited to meet and hang out with a bunch of frugal nerds after my own heart than necessarily counting on an educational upside. And hey, if I’m lucky enough to spot someone whose blog moved me, or meet a cool person or two worth staying in touch with, all the better.


I think @workingoptional and @crispydoc hired the same graphic designer.


Thanks @moneymetagame. I found her article and read it. It’s full of great advice. Thanks for recommending it. The badge advice is also good :grinning:


@Cubert, hahaha, I just checked out Ms ONL article about last year’s FINCON and I saw pictures with people wearing masks. That could work :grinning:


What?? Of course you will still be blogging! I checked out your blog, it’s pretty cool, don’t give up, keep it up


$15 on fiverr, and (wait for it) the hammock is a stethoscope! Plus, @workingoptional and I sometimes plan ahead and wear the same clothes so the teacher mistakes us for one another during roll call.

Maybe I’ll upgrade my logo the day I’m invited to join the WCI network.:wink:


Very kind of you! I’ve written to the Pope and you’ll go to blogger heaven. :grinning:


Update on my previous response: Learned today there is a $99 virtual pass that looks good. That I can fit into my budget. Hopefully the filming will be of good quality. Anyone do this before?


@actuaryonFIRE Oh thanks buddy. I went to the Vatican a few years ago, but I was not VIP enough to meet the Pope. But maybe with your email/letter he will let me visit him. I would like to talk to him about letting women become priestesses and popes/momes :grinning:But that’s another story for another time grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


For me, it’s the money. I can’t justify the cost yet, especially when I haven’t earned any income from my blog yet >_<


For me it is the inherent contradiction… spend $800 (plus logistics) to talk about the PF greatest hits of: frugality, saving money, index funds, budgeting, savings rate, blah blah.

It is the same contradiction that the hugely successful blogs manage to overcome, yet leave me wondering how I could reconcile the hypocrisy of preaching about the key to success being “not buying crap you don’t need” while at the same time heavily promoting a Bluehost/Personal Capital/[insert your favourite affiliate programme here] commission paying product/service that the audience genuinely doesn’t need. To be honest I’m not entirely sure here whether I’m judgemental or just jealous!

If it was billed as a great excuse to drink some great beers in the sunshine with like minded folks, meet the faces behind the pseudonyms, or take 10 years off the path to early retirement then I’d probably be tempted. Possibly more so with a “free Plutus award with every Pro ticket purchase” side offer… but probably not.


For the most part, I’m totally with you. But, I also think that we need to approach this just like anything else in the world of personal finance. It’s not JUST about the money. It’s also about the value. If we get enough value out of the conference for the money spent, then it might be money well spent. It is a lot of money just to network.

For me, I just don’t know yet about value - but after this year, I’m going to find out.


If it didn’t require travelling half way around the world (and the ticket price included free beer) then I’d be right there with you.


FWIW, Fincon isn’t about personal finance, it’s about the business of personal finance.


I get that too. However, I have a shitload of credit card miles at risk of expiring, so travel (and possibly lodging) are less an issue for me.