What's your excuse for not going to FinCon 2017?


I’m so flippin’ jealous I can’t join you all, but I know I’m not alone. There’s a potential out of state Airbnb property in the works that would take up miles (and time from family.)
How about the rest of you no-shows? Virtual FinCon?


Gotta work. On call that weekend and can’t get off. I am already trying to figure out how to switch call for next year. Yup my boss makes the schedule over 1 year in advance…crazy right!


Taking care of a 3 month old :slight_smile:
Wish I could. Haven’t looked into the virtual Fincon but I wasn’t sure if it included a happy hour :wink:


All things virtual can include a happy hour. :beers:


I’m new to the scene and I’m blogging anonymously. But thinking about going next year, but wondering how I can attend and still stay anonymous???


$469 for information I can acquire for free online?

Step one of FinCon is don’t attend FinCon.


There are ways to do this so I’ve been told! I would pose this question on the forum or search for older threads. I think the FinCon site has some info. Otherwise it might be fun to show up in disguise. :cowboy_hat_face:


That’s my gut reaction too, but I have to believe the networking and info sharing is super helpful (and fun!)
I was on the fence, but after meeting a few local bloggers whom are going, I plan to get to my first next year.


Only been blogging for a few months, and I wanna prove to myself that I won’t stop and disappear after 6 months :smile:

Hence, skipping this one but wondering whether I should get the early bird tickets for 2018. It’ll still be before my 6-9 mo mark but less of a financial hit than $469.


Funny you say that because I think if my blog is shuttered before the next fincon I may go away just to meet people.

Although it slightly depends on location too


My blog was just created in April.

I would like to attend next year.


Agreed. Seems rather ironic, and not in an “Alanis Morissette doesn’t understand what irony really is” sort of way.


Exactly this, “Only been blogging for a few months, and I wanna prove to myself that I won’t stop and disappear after 6 months :smile:


Check for tickets online the last day of Fincon. I didn’t go last year (or ever), but found tickets the day the location was announced for $170 on the website.

A day or two later, the early bird tickets were announced for $189. The price continues to go up, but it will be cheapest the day it’s announced.


Thanks for the tip!


For me, it had always been the money. It seemed strange to pay to attend a conference about, well, saving money! That, and I had universally heard that the sessions were fairly unhelpful. Most people went strictly to meet and network with other bloggers. That’s still a LOT of money just to network, though.

But, I felt I owed it to myself to check it out this year. So, we budgeted for it. May or may not ever go again, but I wanted to at least check it out first hand to see what this thing was all about. After all, I spend so much time in this community. It just made sense for my wife and me to experience it rather than read people’s post mortems yet again this year.

Then, I’ll make up my own mind.


Right there with you on this, Steve. I hope you both have a blast- I’m looking forward to all the retrospectives!


Ms. OurNextLife managed to pull it off last year, she might have some tips to help you to stay under the radar. At least for the badges, you can put any name/information you want!


I’m thinking of going next year and I’m anonymous too. I’m just reminding myself that most people I want anonymity from have never even heard of FinCon. Though my dogs are all over my posts (and unique looking), so if people I know stumble across my blog my cover is blown anyways.


I’m too “new” and there’s the off chance that I might reveal my identity as Superdork.

Edit: whoops