What's your current savings rate? Straight up


I hear ya! Great job!


Fantastic! Keep going!


I’m currently at 67%, but my goal is to get to 75% by the end of the year.


That’s great!


I have a slightly different approach. I work but about 85% of our annual budget is covered by passive income (e.g. rentals, dividends, bonds), so I’ve split what I earn from what we live on, so saving rates become more or less irrelevant to me.


You guys are inspiring. I just calculated mine, and we are only saving 12 percent! And honestly it’s a struggle to do that. I wanna do better!!!


In 2017, we’re at 53% post tax. That number doesn’t include saved/reinvested passive income from interest, dividends, & cap gains off our investments. Hoping to get that number up in the last quarter of '17 now that our youngest is in public school and out of daycare.


Keep your head up. There are many ways to $ave. You just have to WANT it bad enough. You can do it!! :slight_smile:


You are doing AMAZING!


I waver between 15 to 50% depending on the month since my income and expenses vary. That’s just savings/expenses, gross is more in the 10-35% range. 2017 is the first full year I’ll have data so I’m eager to see what a full year looks like once I compile the data in January.


Well here’s a fun one. I have two primary ways of looking at this question:

(1) I want to calculate how my current lifestyle impacts my FIRE timeline; or

(2) I want to calculate savings rate to see how much of my gross/net income goes to something classified as “savings,” period.

I assume our mortgage principle is “savings”, and the only difference between #1 and #2 above for me is that my student loan payment would otherwise be savings - so clearly, I don’t have to make a lifestyle change going forward to compensate for them, I just have to pay them off.

Under #1, with my student loan payments counted as “savings” since they otherwise would be saved at our current lifestyle, me and Mrs. Vigilante have a savings rate this year of just shy of 70% of gross and a whopping 136%-ish of net income! Lifestyle’s pretty good, I figure :slight_smile:

Under #2, with my student loan payments counted solely as an expense since it all leaves my pocket, we have a savings rate of about 50% of gross and still 105% of net income. I love seeing that we’re saving more than we bring home :slight_smile:


I love saving. Watching the balances go up is AMAZING!


Totally AWESOME!