What's your current savings rate? Straight up


42% of gross and 72% of net and more importantly < 1 year to the “RE” in FIRE


We are at about 50% . . . honestly I don’t look or calculate all that often . . . instead I check in every month or so and find ways to add $20 bucks here or $50 there . . . the brain is a wonderful thing .


Man, now I feel bad. 20% gross, not sure about net. That number includes the amount we save each month for house repairs/upkeep. I’m not sure that portion counts?

We live with two kids on one salary in a HCOL area, so it is what it is. I guess we’re not retiring early :wink: We also tithe/donate about 15% of our net.


Last time I checked it was a rate of 45% gross and 60% net. I live in an HCOL area, have no roommates, and earn about 80% of the local median income. It’s tough at times.

I’m sure I need to run the numbers again.



  • for a glorious 5 months between paying down student loans in May and closing on a house next month. We should get some raises soon, so maybe we can make it back up here post-house.


Lol love this. Great post!




Keep it up! Great job!


Keep going! Increase as you can :slight_smile:


Exactly right. You’re doing great!




Outstanding Adam!




That’s awesome!


Wow!! Great job!


Amazing! Wish I’d started younger :frowning:


Great job David!


Nice job!


Nice job! Keep it up!