What's your current savings rate? Straight up


I’m currently at 30% and hoping to increase soon!


What’s straight up? Besides the sky?

We’re at 50% of gross, 77% of net using my spreadsheet.


Straight up means no BULLSHIT lol… congratulations on a great savings rate :slight_smile:


We are right around 50% gross and 72% net. :slight_smile:




Those are some good figures. Me—> 32% of gross, 43% of net.
If I include principal payments on big @ss mortgage I get 37% and 49%.


Approximately 45% of gross, 60% of net for me.


Nice!! What’s your secret?


We are at 41% gross and 63% net. Always trying to get a little better.


was slightly over 60% the last time we checked.


We’re at 43% of gross, 71% of net.


Straight up? 100%. [I’m going to regret posting this for sure]

Once you reach FI the passive income magic money machine covers the bills. That means any further work undertaken is just for chuckles, making any income earned from it all gravy.

That said it also means I can’t really whinge about the pointy headed bosses, the dickheads at the office, the stupid clients or nonsensical projects, or whatever… by virtue of work being optional, all that stuff is self inflicted.



Lol @wunderkrause, very good.


50% of gross


My SR is between 50 - 65% of my post-tax income, factoring inn my pre-tax retirement contributions


0%. After retiring early, every dime we generate goes directly toward funding our lifestyle. :slight_smile:


I’m at 79% on a net basis and 51% on a gross basis. But as Steve pointed out, my goal is to get to 0% as soon as possible!


52 percent gross. No idea on net. Happy with where I am in the balance of today and tomorrow


37.86% for the last 12 months, but trying to do better. 63.33% in July.