Whatcha reading? Must Read Book list for 2017


It would not be a controversial statement to say that reading is essential for any visual learner (like myself) to grow as a person, leader, and wannabe financial expert.

I’m currently wrapped up in work associated, nothing to do with finance reading. Going into 2017, I’d like to read an average of 1 finance book a month for the entire year.

What money books changed your life? I’d love to get a list going on here.


I have a “book” category on my site for just this reason – love reading and learning.

Here’s my list:



My favs are …

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Automatic Millionaire
Millionaire Next Door
The Millionaire Mind

Next on my list are
Your Money or Your Life
jim collins simple path to wealth


The White Coat Investor’s book is excellent.


Hey there @faithfuldividends. Yes, books are essential aren’t they? If this is a topic you’re interested in, you’re in for a treat. We have a lot of book reviews coming your way shortly. “Money books” is a broad category, so I’ll go across the spectrum here with some recommendations – a dozen to get you started:

Here are a few you might want to consider as placeholders at least (in order of importance):

  • Man’s Search for Meaning (without purpose and meaning, $$$ doesn’t mean much, and purpose and meaning are greater fuel for a fulfilling life than what we own)

  • Your Money Or Your Life (says it all. Every minute we exchange for $$ is a minute we give up)

  • Scarcity (behavioural economics - a fascinating look into what not having enough does to our ability to think)

  • The Paradox of Choice (behavioural economics, psychology)

  • Status Anxiety (the Diderot Effect in a nutshell)

  • Happy Money (getting the biggest happiness ROI)

  • The Little Book of Common Sense Investing (a gem. shows that fancy investment tools and vehicles are not the answer)

  • The Behaviour Gap (saving and investing has a lot more to do with human psychology than we might like to think)

  • The Millionaire Next Door (shows that reaching the seven-figure mark is not rocket science, slow and steady wins the race)

  • The Wealthy Barber (basic, solid financial advice)

  • Pound Foolish (an inside look into the financial industry - buyer beware)

  • The Go-Giver (success through giving)


Some great suggestions there.

As for me, I promise myself that I will finally make it through The Intelligent Investor!


Yes! I made it through but need to go over it again. I ended up falling asleep a few times to this one. I think mine is from the 1970’s. Good stuff


A Random Walk Down Wall Street - only about 100 pages in but its interesting so far.

The Automatic Millionaire is one of my favorites


Man’s Search for Meaning is one of those few books I feel I need to reread each year. Such a powerful book and it continues to positively impact my life, after every read. I’m glad to see it was at the top of your list.

So true - without meaning - $$ doesn’t make us any happier.


The Four-Hour Workweek pretty much started everything for me about 8 years ago. It’s not a pure finance book, but it was such a different look at how people set priorities and how you can live differently.


The Way to Wealth by Benjamin Franklin. He managed to early retire at 42, at a point in time with limited social mobility. So, this short book, written at the end of his working career, contains plenty of great insights into his frame of mind (before he went into politics/science full time).

It is about a 20 minute read and it completely transformed my sense of what is possible in personal finance. The core message can be found in many other books: frugality & work ethic achieve wealth over time. The true joy of this book is that it sticks. There are tons of short phrases that sum up much of what the personal finance community is about.


I don’t do a lot of book reading, but I’d have to say that I enjoyed “The Millionaire Nextdoor” the most out of anything I’ve read related to finance.


I’ll add them to my list. Thanks!


Excellent choices! I’ve read half of these and I’ll need to note down the others to read sometime. The Wealthy Barber is a book I read in my late teens that inspired me to save and invest, and The Millionaire Next Door solidified it. Those two books literally changed my life.

In addition to the great options already listed I would add “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. I just did a review of this one over the weekend and I have to say it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It’s not strictly a financial book, but the lessons on sticking with something for the long haul can definitely be applied to investing. Compound interest, frugal living, and setting money aside when the Jones’s are spending all takes grit.


Wow. Lots of great stuff to add to my reading list.

It’s not a finance book, but The One Thing has had a big impact on how I view a lot of my life now.


Books on finance and other stuff I’ve read (again) recently

  1. The richest man in Babylon
  2. Money: Master the game
  3. The one thing (helps focus)
  4. Seneca: on the shortness of life (this stops me being too frugal and not enjoying life at the same time.
  5. The millionaire next door


I’ll add another hat-tip to Millionaire Next Door. That’s a pretty inspiring read, showing that it’s not as hard as it seems to reach 7-figure status. It’s just a matter of patience.

I’ll also add Elements of Investing. It’s a short read, but it’s loaded with good information, and really simplifies long-term investing.


just cracked open Millionaire Next Door. picked up from the library of course.


I’m reading Secena’s Letters from a Stoic now. I can’t believe how much Stoicism helps in terms of frugality. Not only am I spending less in my current 90 Day Frugality Challenge, but I’m overall happier about it and feeling less like this is a struggle and more like this is me becoming closer to myself. Great to see the Seneca mention!


Just got delivered today - will let you know when I finish!