What products/brands ARE worth the money?


I bought my husband a Bellroy travel wallet and it is definitely one of the best things I have ever bought for him. You are 100% right: it gets a lot of mileage and still looks amazing.


We buy high quality clothes and hiking gear, but whenever we can we buy it used from eBay or Craigslist. Patagonia makes amazing clothes that are warm and can take a beating, yet people sell them online all the time for about 40-60% off retail.


Food, ignoring branding there is a lot of difference in quality of ingredients and you get what you pay for usually.
Furniture, if you want anything other then particle board you’ll pay through he nose. Still if you want anything to last longer then a year you’ll want real wood.
Clothes, again not brands, but buying the cheapest clothes available will likely just result in them falling apart.


What are good towels? And where do you get them? Thanks. I’m not happy with ours.


I second @Joe_5700’s suggestion. I spent a boring week researching vacuum cleaners and winced as I paid for my miele but it is soooo worth it. Admittedly, it’s only 3 years old but is showing no sign of use really :grin:

I always think it’s worth buying quality meat. Not sure if you guys heard, but there was a scandal in the UK last year because some suppliers were passing horse off as beef in convenience foods like lasagna and burgers. If I eat horse, it’s because I’ve actually chosen to!

And kitchen pans. Again, I winced when buying a medium sized frying pan… I can’t actually remember the price. All I know is that I can FINALLY cook perfect fried eggs!


I actually need a wallet and the Bellroy wallets look awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!


Hiking shoes is on my list, too. I made the mistake of buying cheap shoes once and threw my back out. Never again!


I definitely take on this philosophy as well. Buy quality whenever you can as it will be cheaper in the long run. And many times a lot cheaper.

I spent ~$150 on a pair of Cabela work boots in 2011. They’re still practically good as new with the exception of some small scuffs and stains.

I bought a Kelty backpack for ~$100 from REI some years ago. It lasted me for 7 or 8 years before it started breaking down (zippers breaking). Similarly, more recently I spent ~$130 on a backpack from Timbuk2 almost 2 years ago. It’s taken quite a beating, and it’s still holding strong.

To echo some others, I got an Apple MacBook Air in 2011. I speced it out as much as I could for the time, to try to “future proof” it as much as possible, and I’m using it to type out this response at this very moment. There are times when it’s a bit slow, but it still works pretty well for what I need. Though I suspect it won’t be supported with the next MacOS update, so perhaps I’ll finally buy a new laptop then.

Lastly, I can’t think of any particular brand names at the moment, but a good quality leather jacket will last you for decades if taken care of.