What practical advice do you gave your readers or found online to earn more money?


What practical advice you gave your readers or found online to earn more money (which you found realistic enough to be working)? Or have you created any practical advice, which worked for you or for your readers giving realistic hopes and practical steps.

I am creating a list of practical advice for my readers to earn more money. And I am willing to create that list by sharing links of those advice. Only one condition…that advice should be well written and detailed enough to follow through step by step.

I will read each and every blog and will definitely comment on your blog, if found viable for my readers.

Note: I am not evaluating your blogs, but finding something which matches my audience needs.

Sharing a link with a brief will be enough.

Chandra Prakash


I write a lot about career in a corporate environment. It’s really divided into stages.

Early career
Sculpting your career from beginning to goal:

Late career:
Job changes late career:

Finding your top position:

Changes in the Corp environment:
Corporate shifts towards temporary workers, technology, globalization:

Importance of continual learning to your career:


I’ve created a few step-by-step guides or actionable articles that I wrote to try and help my audience earn money. All of the articles are related to different side hustle ideas/passive income generation, but I cover a wide variety of ideas!

Here are a few:

This one is great for anyone with a love of writing:

And this one is a realistic look at what I experienced in developing a blog to $100/month (as well as what other people interested in blogging should expect):


I wrote an article for moms who were looking for ways to make money from home that’s very realistic as I have success stories for pretty much every job listed from others moms https://triedandtruemomjobs.com/legitimate-work-from-home-jobs-for-stay-at-home-moms/

These ways to earn can apply to anyone



Loved your articles @Michael_Dinich @Wbonds101 @ThisOnlineWorld @FullTimeFinance

But making list from these items which are very unique in their own way is not possible.

So can I ask for a favor from you all to re-purpose the articles you mentioned here (combine them in one article) and make it more friendly for Indian audience and post it on my blog?

I know that I am asking for too much, yet I think it’s the best way respect the uniqueness of each article.

If you all will give me a go ahead, then I’ll create your login id instantly and will share it with you to go ahead.

If you are willing to re-purpose it, then there are few things which you must know, that most of my readers as of now are Indian and few suggestions in your articles are not as per Indian Market.

  • Freelancing in India is still on rise and organizations resist hiring freelancers.
  • People here will resist doing laundry as a viable option for side income.
  • Medium pays to people from stripe, services of which are still not available in India.

Apart from that everything is perfectly fine.

Hope you won’t mind my offer.

Chandra Prakash