What is your savings rate?


61% post tax.


We saved 86.5% of our post tax income this year, and we’re aiming for 90% this year. It’ll be tough - probably won’t make it. We didn’t include dividends in our income last year, when possibly we should have. So that would change the sums a bit!


Single Income, No Kids here in a HCOL area. I have multiple income streams so I try to focus on just the 9-5 income for spending and save everything else. With that, I have a minimum savings rate of 50% post-tax plus whatever income comes in through dividends, rental income, and part-time jobs.


Love these answers. They show the range of our community, and we are all on valid paths. Here are my numbers:

Currently saving 55% of my gross income:

  • Retirement (includes employer match) - 34%
  • Savings - 21%

I am starting to get some affiliate sales from my blog, and 100% of that will get put in savings as well. There isn’t really enough to count yet, but my goal is to be able to respond here next time next year stating that I can save 50% of my gross income :slight_smile:


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It is never too late to start saving money, however the sooner you start, the better. Start with splitting the amount your spending in two: one for saving another for ‘wants’ gradually increasing the amount of savings.


Most of my Salary is in EPF and I am getting 8% on that.


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For me, the simplified method works well because the bulk of my savings are coming out of my net income. If that’s not the case for you, it may not be the best way for you to calculate your savings rate. that’s what I learn from SBS Financial Advisory


It just depends on your lifestyle and monthly earning. Ideally, you should save 70-80% of your salary. But it is quite subjective. Also, one thing to remember is that saving money is not enough. You should invest that money and make every rupee in your bank account work for you. There are multiple investment avenues. Stock Market, mutual funds, commodity market, fixed deposits, currency trading, and many more. As per your financial goals, you should start your investment journey and make the most out of it. All the investment assets are lucrative. I have been investing in stock market and mutual funds since a long time. These are investment assets which we are aware of, but there is another investment asset and that is commodity market. While the share market is for stocks, the commodity market allows investors and traders to take positions based on forecasted economic trends or arbitrage opportunities. When done smartly, commodity trading can be a profitable exercise. Even today in villages, farmers exchange commodities among themselves. In the organized commodity trading world, things are a little different. Commodity trading is regaining its importance among investors. This trading happens on a commodities exchange where various commodities and their derivatives products are bought/sold. According to the commodity research report, the most commonly traded items are agricultural products and contracts based on them. But, increasing non-agro commodities are also being traded like diamonds, steel, energy items etc. Check out commodity trading if you want to explore a new avenue, gain experience, and make profits.