What is the life you want to lead when you are 60?


Well, I’d love to sit at casinobonuspromotions and just cash my checks with a pretty lady lol


I was working at 60 because I had debts, but the work was fun. I’m still working today even though I’m FI; it just continues to be fun. When work is fun, it’s not really work; it’s more like play. These days it’s more fun than ever because I’m free to only pursue projects that interest me.


I have dreams of some ridiculously nice cars require a pretty dang high net worth to justify


thanks @zendancer, that’s a great answer (sorry for the late reply - I’ve been away for 5 weeks in Madrid - following my own dreams!)


I want to win a 100000$ in casino when I’m 60. I like gambling but I’m not a great fan of it. For me it’s just an other interesting way of spending my free time, smth like a small hobby, I’ve never been obsessed with it. I like to buy lottery tickets time till time, however I’ve never been lucky with them. It’s the same with various sport bettings but this type of gambling is really a rare thing in my case :slight_smile:
I adore playing different card games with my friends, we rather often play poker, whist etc. on weekends but considering that it’s a totally friendly game for us, we never use money as a prize. It’s just interesting and very fun, besides it’s almost only one type of gambling where you can improve your skills and become a better player. All other types are total luck and it’s funny to see how some people hope for winning smth big in that way :smiley:
I tried casinos too, I was in real ones several times and I played online ones http://onlineslotsx.com/free-slots/ too. I liked slots and blackjack the most of all, I even won money two times and that was cool. I think that it’s ok if you’re such a small player as I, gambling is rather often considered as a very bad thing but in my opinion if you can control yourself easily, there’s nothing scary in it.


We have twin boys and I think we will probably stop there. I don’t want to do that again. I hope they will live and settle somewhere near us, wherever we are.

If my parents are still around, we will probably still be here in dreary PA to make sure they are taken care of.

If not, then I imagine we may move down to North or South Carolina and live on the coast. I really liked the Savannah area, but we got engaged at Carolina Beach in North Carolina so that has some sentimental value. Either way, I am not living out the rest of my life in this horrible climate.

I’m never going to just chill the rest of my life. I am an ambitious person. So I’ll probably pick up some sort of hobby or side business that I devote some time to. Maybe I’ll still be a blogger :yum:
I imagine my husband will mostly sit on his behind and drink beer. Lol.


@kuznec I agree florida is a bit warm for me…but i think the folks who do it right are snow birds…come to florida in the winter

@Nords i’m concerned about physical limitations after FIRE as well… struggle mentally now only to struggle physically later… ahhhh it’s just hard to know where to make the sacrifice…

right now i’m definitely leaning toward a chill lifestyle…the hustle and bustle stopped doing it for me…i want to have time to recover from inevitable struggles… but who knows… there’s a saying where i come from…you want it, you want it, you get it, you don’t want it…


Just take your time, you have a whole lifetime ahead of you.Honestly be it 1 year or 30, it really doesn’t matter
Are you making the best of each day?
Sitting in the sun, day-dreaming is totally permissible. in fact it is welcome - go for it


A few weeks ago, we (husband and I) met up with a couple of friends from university. They lead a very tranquil life, they have a couple of dogs and a ‘pretty amazing pension’ - i have a good one, (their’s is so much better…). However, it is all about making the most of what you have. If you have your health - make the most of it , 10k steps is only the starting point. Look after it, it is nature and nurture’s most fantastic blessing!