What happened to this place?


I’ll admit I stopped coming by for like a year or so but I came back and it’s like a ghost town in here with a ton of spam. Where’d everyone go and why?


A ton of spam.
What more needs to be said.
Used to be smart financial talk, now it’s gambling on crypto, ads for some sketchy forex stuff, and people trying to sound like they are asking a question when they’re really plugging their own product/site.


Yeah, it’s sad. Can’t the admin just weed out the spam? Or get some mods to do it?


There are usually auto filters that don’t let you put links in your post until you’ve earned a certain number of points. Why can’t they do that here?


The site was sold by ESI Money to Kat. The new owner toyed around with it for a few weeks and hasn’t touched it in months. It’s dying a slow, painful death, unfortunately, although it could be revived with some attention.


Kat must have been shockingly wealthy to buy an established website like this and abandon it after such a short period of time.


I put in an offer with Kat. Seems like an unnecessary death. Maybe we need a group of us to buy it?