What Are Your Favorite Financial Movies?


The Big Short gets my vote.


Wolf of wall street and filthy rich


Yes! It’s a Wonderful Life definitely qualifies! Not only does it deal with money issues, but it focuses on the more important things in life, besides money.




I loved Ocean’s Eleven (the 2001 version). You have to love a good money heist movie! The two sequels were OK but not as good.

Haven’t yet seen Ocean’s Eight yet but on my to-watch list!


No love for Moneyball? Some good personal finance lessons in that one.

@moneybeagle I watched Ocean’s 8 with my daughters recently and we really enjoyed it.


These are great films!They are my favorite too


My favorite financial movies are, in no particular order:
Wall Street
Barbarians at the Gate
Wolf Of Wall Street
The Big Short
details in https://docsbay.net/8-finance-movies-of-2019


They are all depressing. I still with escapism for my movie choices. Money is work.


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The Money Pit is one of my favorites!


That one scene in Glengarry Glen Ross is good, but this is better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eikbQPldhPY


Same as yours nice choice.


The entire movie is about approaching money in a different perspective, Baseball meets the FIRE movement :slight_smile:
Money Ball


For me financial movies are mundane! There is an exceptional case for the movie the wolf of wall street! (DiCaprio fever:wink:)


Even though it wasn’t completely a financial movie, i really enjoyed watching the chef. I like how they work with the resources they have and make the best out of it.