We now have a "Clubs" section in the forums!


Hey guys!

Fellow member @whiskey thought it would be nice to have a separate “45+” club here for those that are ahem 45 years of age and up wanting to talk about more relatable $$ topics, and it moved our team to not only create it for him (The 45+ Club), but to open it up to any others who may want to form their own club as well.

We’ll start a separate thread that houses the “list” of all those we end up creating over time so everyone can see them, but for now just wanted to give you the quick heads up that it’s now an option :slight_smile:

(UPDATE: New “master list” thread here: Master list of all “Clubs”)

If you’re interested in starting your own, either now or in the future, here’s what to do:

  1. Start a new thread to gauge interest
  2. If you get 5 or more people interested, tag me (@J.Money) and I’ll create it for you
  3. You lead it and manage it (I’ll give you access to the “about” page for it)

Here are some ideas a club might want to be built around:

  • Around your age group
  • Around your city/state/country (for possible meetups hopefully?)
  • Around specific interests

Hope this helps!