We need a PNW club


Who’s down? We need five to start.

Lets throw out some fun names.

Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.


okay I will admit it.
I have no idea what you are talking about.



Looks like there are various “clubs” around interests and locality. For localities, perhaps to arrange meetups for further network… who knows, maybe crash on a cough here or there (not me, but someone might want to).

I didn’t see a PNW club and I know there’s a fair amount of users here in the general area!

In other words… wanna be friends?


I’d like to be friends if you are willing to be friends with someone who doesn’t even know what PNW means!


If you’re talking about the Pacific Northwest then we’d be down! We’re in Portland.


Hey count me in if you’re putting together a Portland group! It would be fun and a little daunting to meet up personally, right? But we can always learn from each other!