We have $500 to DO GOOD this month! How should we use it?


@J.Money - add $100 from me as well!


Got it! Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m actually researching options for everything at this very moment…


I’m in for $100. :slight_smile:

Here’s a potential recipient I heard about from the FinCon/DigiColab community who’s son is preparing for chemo after recent surgery on a tumor. Kim Sorgius describes her son’s situation here:

There’s a private Facebook group that is coordinating various support/donations from friends: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1320894937935256/


Noted the $100 from you too - thank you so much!

Prayers for Kim’s son as well <3


$1,100 and growing - awesome! @Nate, let us know how to get our $100 over to you when you’re ready to launch.


Been working on it yesterday and today, should have something up by tonight, and @J.Money will get to you guys by tomorrow with $$$ stuff, I think


Last week we pledged that we would use $500 to go out and do some good in the month of December, and we asked all of you to weigh in on how we should go about doing that. Thank you all so much for your input and for all the good ideas that came up in this thread – everything we talked about informed our final decision.

We would also like to extend a HUGE thank-you to our community members @MissMazuma, @millennialmoney, @CentsiblyRich, @ApathyEnds, @_TJ, @RetirementManifesto, and @whdwight, who all decided to jump in and contribute extra funds to this project before they even knew what we were going to do with it. We appreciate you guys, and we love the support on our first little project. When you see the results start flowing in, we think you’ll be very happy. :slight_smile:

What @J.Money and I decided is that we want two things above all else:

  1. We want the Rockstar community to be a place where you can not only talk and learn about personal finances, but also find ways to actively participate and take action, whether that’s in earning, saving, investing, or giving back.

  2. For the RCF specifically, we think we are doing our best philanthropic work not only when we give to people who need it, but when we can help our community see just how much of an impact they can make in the world with small, close-to-home actions.

One thing we noticed in last week’s discussion was that no two people had the same idea of where they’d like to give some money and/or help. And that’s great – we love the diversity of opinions! Of course, what that also means is that no two people would really agree on our final choice if we decided to simply give all the funds to one cause.

So here’s what we’re going to do (and I promise you’ll love the results, even if you think the idea is too small at first) . . . our December project will allow us all to participate in a way that’s meaningful to each of us. It will impact people in our own communities, while at the same time keeping us connected to the rest of the team in our shared mission over the holidays: Take one of these $20 VISA cards and give an unexpected gift to someone in your community!

Go check it out, and thanks for joining us in our very first giving project!



Thank you so much @Nate and @J.Money for making this happen! GREAT idea! I already know where my gift card will go and will definitely post and share about it. I’m thrilled to be a part of such an excellent project. :slight_smile:

P.S. Let me know how to get you the $100 I pledged and I’ll do it right away.


Super excited to see your story when you post it (in our thread and on your site :wink:)

And thanks again for the contribution - @J.Money will be in touch with you today on that.


Hey guys, just wanted to tag you here to say that if you want me to mail you a VISA card, will you please fill out the form so I can get your information? Thanks!

| @millennialmoney | @ApathyEnds | @_TJ | @RetirementManifesto | @whdwight


@J.Money send me an IM today with the PayPal instructions. I’m paid up. Join me, won’t you??


Sure thing! I sent my $100 over this morning! :slight_smile:


Just filled it out and sent the $ via PayPal - Lets do some good!


You totally made my day with this. :smiley:


I love seeing this too :slight_smile:


We’ve tended the last few years to try to increase our giving to each org (meaning: write a bigger check to each one) to increase our impact. But you guys have inspired me to give smaller increments, too, through this chain. Please save the gift cards for others, but I’m going to get a bunch of toys today for our local toys for tots program – funny that even though we’ve gone gift-free, I want to be sure that kids growing up disadvantaged in our area can still have something fun to open at Christmas. :slight_smile:


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