We have $500 to DO GOOD this month! How should we use it?


Good stuff! Also those pants are :thinking:, haha


No matter what, just stay safe! Good idea on the non-perishables to give away, too; I hadn’t thought of that before.

Showing the people who feel invisible that we do actually see them is great, and what I love about it even more is that it helps people like us to actually see those people when we may not have before. Thank you :slight_smile:

If you have any ideas on how this kind of activity could be done with a group like ours and money like this for December, feel free to throw 'em in here!


Nice. Sounds awesome. Always down to help



Esp those pants! Is it bad if I actually want them, @EmilyK?? (I literally wear those type of pants to bed, just less colorful ones, and they are sooooo comfortable. And from what I hear they’re actually pretty trendy :))

@millennialmoney and @CentsiblyRich - thank you two for your matching! and overall encouragement!! Gives us so much more hope for this and really excited to finally be DOING SOMETHING vs thinking about it all the time. It’s been way too many years since we’ve rallied the community and did some big stuff for people, and cannot wait to get the RCF up and going officially.

@MrsBITA - That’s actually one of the biggest hurdles we always come across when trying to make our projects a 501©3 - we can’t just give people cash who need it! And we’re big into direct giving too - whether money or anything else they may need. Also hard to give money/stuff across different areas with a charity-charity since you have to state which groups/problems you’re trying to solve specifically. We like complete freedom with giving back (and creativity!) so we tend to just “do the thing” and not officially be a charity :slight_smile: So all that say that yes - we agree with you, haha…

@MissMazuma - I love your heart :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing any other stuff that comes up here over the next few days! We’ll pick an idea and run with it shortly there after… Stay tuned.


Great thread! Love the concept and generosity!

Could we do a “writing contest”, publicize it, and have folks submit articles from various charities? “Winner” gets the $$? Or, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


I’d be happy to write posts on my blog and share on social media. I’ll help in any way I can. I’ve never done anything like this before, so I don’t know how it would work, but if we all band together and share, share, share, there’s no limit to what could be accomplished.


I’m in for the $100 and will post tweet and share whatever we end up with. let me know how and when!

@OurNextLife and @PoF have motivated me to put charitable giving/time into our 2017 goals, might as well practice at the end of 2016


I’ll match Apathy’s $100. Why not? =)



I do have a specific thought. Well more than one actually, but I’ll lead with the one I find most exciting.

GiveDirectly has just launched a pilot ‘Basic Income’ project. To quote from their website:

"We plan to scientifically test the idea of a universal basic income by providing regular cash payments to thousands of extremely poor households in East Africa for more than ten years. The study will aim to answer the key questions at the heart of the global debate:

Could this end extreme poverty or will people stop working? Will people take more risks and become more entrepreneurial, or spend more time getting an education or parenting?

A fully universal, long-term pilot of a basic income has never been rigorously tested, so we intend to do just that."

What if we could get in touch with them and ask to participate in and help publicize the results of this study as it progresses? Would they be interested in allowing a community of us to give money and directly follow up with the recipients (via email, interviews etc. that we could publish on our blogs)? Obviously, the true results won’t be known till the end of the study but we could tell stories along the way, thus encouraging more people to participate in the experiment.


Interesting out-of-the-box thinking!

One thing I’ve learned over the years about contest-type setups (especially social media-driven) in the philanthropy space is that the only real winner tends to be the organization who puts it on. Individuals or nonprofits looking for a little help try to mobilize their base to help them “win,” when that time would be much better spent activating them to support the main thing said nonprofit actually does.


If you’ve never done anything like this before, you’re gonna have fun in 2017 :slight_smile:


Ha! That’s exactly what this is - practice for 2017, when we unleash the power of the Death Star! (uh, I mean the Rockstar Finance community for good :wink: )

Thank you for the match - @J.Money and I will make a decision on what to do by Tuesday and let everyone know…


Hey, thanks man! This is shaping up to be something special already, even for a first test :slight_smile:


You know what? I like you :slight_smile:

My brother and I have been debating the relative merits of the universal income concept for a year now, as AI/automation increases and population builds . . . it’s such an interesting concept. And I’m really glad to see there’s a giving group wanting to put some scientific rigor behind it and see what the results look like. Very cool stuff.

On our side, however, I don’t think this is something that would work well for our group. We’re going to have to do more quick-hit stuff that makes a measurable immediate impact to keep people interested and participating. This long-form stuff is great, but not the right fit for our resources.

Love the idea though, thank you!


Alright, I’m in. @ApathyEnds, @_TJ and me each at $100. That brings us to $800. Let’s get to $1,000!

Now, we have to figure out how to put it to best use!


Actually - that makes $500 matches now on our $500!! As both @CentsiblyRich and @millennialmoney also are giving $100 - so we’re now at $1,000!! VERY COOL!

Thank you everyone!! We’ll be announcing “the project” after a few more days after seeing what other ideas come in… so so excited for this :slight_smile:


Wearing them to bed is acceptable. :wink:


Looking forward to it! :slight_smile: