We did it!


We finally did it, we crossed this crucial mark we were targeting for a while.


This is a new record for us and we are super proud to cross the 60% savings rate for this first half of 2017.

Increasing our savings rate from 50% where we were last year to the 60% we are now aiming decreases our working years a whopping 4.2 years! That is 4 more years to enjoy doing whatever you want to do. 4 more years not waking up to an alarm clock. 4 more years of freedom!

In the mean while, Keep on Savin’ !




Congrats! Tears of joy!


That’s awesome!!!


Woohoo! This is really inspiring, especially for those of us earlier on our pursuit of FIRE :slight_smile: Great job!!!




congratulations! hitting a 60% savings rate is an incredible feat!


Nice job, Congrats!


Huge. Congrats. I’m happy for you, but I just can’t believe that it’s worth listening to @PoF’s favorite musician. Barry Manilow, really!!??


Great movie!!!


Yaay! :grin:

Congratulations! :tada:


Congratulations xyz!! I didn’t know there was an official formula for savings rate - there was some argument about it on forums on if one should include employer match. Jared and I have just been roughing the % like frauds :grimacing:


I made an Excel based calculator you can use online to calculate net and gross savings rates:


Omg!! Yes!!! Doing it right now. I was just in Felicity’s thread doing her landlord vs stocklord calculator!! Thank you PoF! All this nerd love!!! :revolving_hearts: I love this placeeeeeee.


Kudos…nicely done! Proud of you guys. We are at 30%…no where near where you guys are. FIRE here you come.


Congratulations. It takes dedication and vigilance to maintain a high saving rate. Awesome job!


At 30% right now. But the car is now paid off so should be shooting up. 60% is the goal!!!


W00t w00t! We just calculated ours and I figured out we are saving 71% of our income (for at least the next two years).I was totally shocked! I love how you calculated the difference in years, I am so doing that! Congrats x infinity!


Ahh that’s amazing! Congrats!!!


Congrats, congrats!!! That’s an awesome threshold to cross!:open_mouth: