Ways you have used to grow your site


We obviously want to grow our sites and get more engagement. What have you used to grow your audience? Different relationships, apps, google search, facebook?

One of the things I’ve been focused in on has been around improving SEO and getting more backlinks. Any publishers interested in exchanging links to promote each other? (It has to be well thought out - white hat techniques to improve each other’s site)


You may want to join the private bloggers forum where we chat about ways to grow our sites in detail.


Where might I find that?


Generally you need to request access, but I’ve gone ahead and added you. You can find the Blogger’s Lounge here:



I have found the most growth through networking and finding ways to help others so that they feel the reciprocal. Giving of myself has provided the most growth. Growth in my skills and my product has been a direct result of this forum of which I am truly grateful.

I have found finding local groups on facebook that my information is relevant and can help a discussion has gotten some traffic. Ultimately though for me it is the sum of all my efforts that creates a swelling of growth rather than just one channel or method.


Steve, I’d love to be a part of that as well. Would I be able to join?


I do basic SEO but have never asked for backlinks. I have traded guest posts, which gives you a de facto backlink swap, but have otherwise never asked for one. Write great stuff and help people find it and the backlinks will come naturally.


I have used many ways to grow my site. Google is what helps me the most. I do SEM And SEO to enrich my site. SEM shows immediate results and SEO shows results on the long run.


I would be happy to trade backlinks or guest posts with somebody, very new to the blogging world but getting a few hundred hits per week so far via social media.


Would you mind inviting me as well? Tried clicking the link but it doesn’t work…



Yep, you’ve been added up!


Steve - I’d appreciate an add as well! Thanks


guest posts and podcast appearances have been my best ways to grow.

@PoF who responded above has a great post that I think captures the essence of good blogging (and growth): https://www.physicianonfire.com/blog/


Can you add me too?


@Steve My blog (www.onequeenoneking.com) is almost 3 months old and I would love to also learn to increase traffic to my blog. Would you be able to add me to the group as well? Thanks in advance!