Watch this clip from a show called Extreme Cheapskates


Hahaha, I’m super late to this post, but I had the exact same thought when I saw that! She wouldn’t serve a nice meal to her guests, but she had her nails did. :laughing:


Seriously though, there’s so many inexpensive dishes she could have served. As a guest, I would much rather be served $1 mac and cheese than that watery mess she concocted.


Pasta w/ tomato sauce is super cheap too. That lasagne was ridiculous. Military showers … I’m still laughing.


Omg, and how she used a syringe to ration laundry detergent?! :joy: I hope they bring the show back!


I’ve actually seen this episode and I jokingly suggested it to my hubby (the one lightbulb thing and the rationed showers)
He looked at me and went - we should never watch this show again.


I love this show - convinces MR. FIRE I’m not a crazy person! (by comparison)