Watch this clip from a show called Extreme Cheapskates


You’ve got to watch this clip about a lady who only has one lightbulb for the whole house. She brings the lightbulb from room to room to save money!

She even re-uses water to boil food with.

I’m impressed and a little scared.



(Is this what you do on a Saturday night btw?? :))


I have problems. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh wow…I agree…impressive, but a little scary, too! I have so many questions about this clip.
Doesn’t it burn her fingers to move that hot light bulb around all the time?!
I’d be concerned that I’d spend more on band-aids than light bulbs.

My Grandma used to re-use boiled water, although not to this extent. When Gram cooked pasta for lunch, for instance, she’d often put the colander over a larger pot to use the water for cooking vegetables , rice or noodles again later in the day. I don’t think she ever used it more than twice though.

I like these clips about people who practice hardcore frugality because even though I might not follow their examples exactly, they do spark the imagination and inspire me to look at my own habits.


Exactly!!! I’m probably not doing any of the things she’s doing. BUT, these things give me a lot of great ideas and inspire me to continue to look for creating money saving ideas that I will actually use.


How does she live with herself knowing she is using electricity to power the baby monitor? She obviously could be using a hand-wound watch to time his showers. Sheesh.


Yes, I had the same thought about the baby monitor. And what about the paper plates & plastic forks?! Surely it would be cheaper to just wash real dishes?
Ah well, we all decide where to draw the line in our own homes…although the thought of people putting “used” ranch dressing back in the bottle makes me want to carry around my own condiments .


I love watching that show. Their ideas are usually pretty creative; but I would never go as far as they do to save a buck. I wonder how much of it that they do just for the camera versus more normal frugal practices.


They are extreme, but I do love how entertaining this show is. I like the guy who got ice cream samples and never bought the ice cream. I have felt like doing this at times, but instead I go to Costco, and get samples for lunch instead.


Next week’s Money challenge:

Cook your lasagna in the dishwasher to save money!

Everyone report back. For extra bonus points invite your in-laws over, but make them pay for half the food.


“I can still hear you!”

Does anyone remember that show Extreme Couponing? Someone bring that back! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::money_mouth:


To a degree it has to be fake.
She had her nails did. Girl, you can’t be that frugal.


come on really


Oh my hell! Did she really cook a lasagna in the bloody dishwasher? A baby monitor to time her boyfriend in the shower? PEELING bananas :banana: And picking grapes :grapes: off the vine to save on weight at the register?!!! :joy::joy:. Come on!

Best part of this: absolute proof for my wife that I’m not even close to extreme!


Turning off the TV during commercials is actually not a bad idea though…:thinking:


Haha, I used to re-use paper plates in college. I was like “whatever, I can cook like 50 Hot Pockets on this plate before it’s too greasy.”


I’m a bit scared of her lol


LOL, not sure I would ever eat at her house if I was a friend. I wouldn’t want re-used salad dressing or sauce. Although, we are definitely starting to cook things in the dishwasher now - while we are washing the other dishes. It’s become a multi-use item. I just need a way to keep the water, soap, and dirty food out of my roast chicken . . . hmmm.


Seriously wondering if the “washed” dishes smelled like lasagna. Also, sent my BFF this clip. She said, if I’d do that, she’d reconsider our friendship :joy:


I learned the best trick from this show! One episode had a guy order water at restaurants and he requested a bunch of lemon wedges. Using the sugar from the table and squeezing the lemons into the water, he created his own lemonade. I tried at the next opportunity and it worked great!

If you want some flavor in your drink, try it out. I’ve never had a place charge for the lemon wedges.