Wanna see something awesome? ;-)


Wonderful news! So glad you shared that piece of news. We’re hoping to do the same in 2 years. Enjoy life without a mortgage!


Thank you! :smiley:


Thank you! Sending you good vibes to get yours paid off on your timeline too! :slight_smile:




And this no longer applies to you!

late Middle English: from Old French, literally ‘dead pledge,’ from mort (from Latin mortuus ‘dead’) + gage ‘pledge.’


:slight_smile: !!! (Still wowing over here ourselves!)


What a dream. Congrats!


Wow! That is amazing! Rock on!


Nice work! It’s people like you achieving the dreams that we have to keep us moving!


awesome.You free of debts.


wow! you are lucky guys, you know)


Amazing! That’s got to feel so good. It’s going to be a gift that keeps on giving. No end of the month payments!


Congrats to you. Can you share how long it took to pay off the mortgage and the mortgage worth? Looking to invest in properties and gathering data that can help me.