Wanna see something awesome? ;-)


Thanks, MrsBITA! Lots of dancing going on over here. :dancer:


HUZZAH! I hope that is us in 2018!




Thanks! I’m rooting for you to get there, too! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Drew!


It’s going to be awesome for you next month when you realize that all that money you used to shovel to the loan is still sitting in the bank, or even better, an investment account making money for ya!!


We’re big fans of hiding money from ourselves, so we’ve already set up the investment auto-transfer so we don’t notice the difference… but our Vanguard account WILL notice the difference. :wink:


Congratulations! We paid off our house 10 years ago last month and have never regretted it. Some would disagree that one should pay off their house…“You can earn more investing that extra cash. Keep a long mortgage and invest instead.” No thanks. Mathematically, they are historically correct. But history doesn’t always repeat itself, and you can’t easily quantify the reduction in financial risk in your life by having removed the debt.

Again, congratulations. Job well done.



Congrats to you guys!! That’s fantastic!! :smile:

– Jim


So true! Plus you can’t put a price tag on freedom or peace of mind! We knew the options, and decided to pay off the house instead of investing that money, and I really don’t think we’ll ever regret the decision. Congrats on hitting your 10th anniversary of payoff! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jim! :slight_smile:


Congratulation! What a great accomplishment!



Thank you! Still doesn’t totally feel real. :smiley:


@OurNextLife You, ma’am, just earned a spot on our Blogger Gossip page :wink:

(If that’s not the best prize ever, I don’t know what is???)

((Also - CONGRATS!!!))


Oh you know I think that’s a big deal! :wink: Thanks for adding us!




Mr.Need2Save mentioned this to me a day or to back (that you guys paid it off in full now). We are so excited for you and thanks for sharing your ongoing thoughts about your choices to retire your mortgage in the context of your early retirement plans. We can’t wait to join you in this mortgage-free club. (oh, well we know you have that rental still). We are joining you in the happy celebration dance though!


Thanks, Matt!


Thanks so much! It’s wonderful to have you sharing in our excitement. :slight_smile: Sending you good thoughts to get to the mortgage-free club ASAP! (I think we qualify for it even with the mortgage on the rental, but others might disagree!) :wink: