Wanna see something awesome? ;-)


We’re super stoked. :wink:


There has been a lot of dancing here today! :wink: We still have a mortgage on our rental property, but since our tenant pays that one for us, it doesn’t feel quite the same. We still feel like we’re mostly free now!


Thanks, Steve!! :smiley:


One more year of itemized, and then standard deduction here we come! Wohooooo! :wink:


You’re correct about that! We will still get to itemize this year even without mortgage interest (hoping to do massive charitable this year, too, plus other stuff).


Wohoooooo! xoxo


Nice! We still have a rental with a mortgage on it, but this is our HOME, so it feels pretty rad to know that we own this roof over our heads. :slight_smile:


Thank you! You bet we will enjoy it. :slight_smile:


Woot woot! Congratulations!


LOVE :heart_eyes: In New York, you’d have to pay one more fee though! (Not sure about where you live!) We paid off a rental in the fall and got all the paperwork from the bank a few weeks ago. We now have to fill out a form at the County Clerk’s office to have the mortgage lien removed from the housing paperwork (deed, etc…) $50+ for this one. When we paid off our house last spring - same thing, cost $78 in our County! But I was happy (ok - not happy, but content!) to write that check and be done with the loans!


It really is tough to describe how much ass this kicks. Being mortgage free enables so much more financial freedom. Your net worth will definitely feel the additional green after this. And mentally, it’s nice to know that your largest debt has now been completely eliminated.


Congratulations!!! I’m very happy for you.


Congrats! What an accomplishment.


Yes, I totally agree. We live in a paid off home also, and you are correct that it is a totally different feeling than just owning rentals. Great job to you both!!!


Congratulations! Celebrations in the streets! Jubilations all around! Well done, you.


Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


I’m sure you’re right that there are follow-up things we’ll have to do… and we don’t yet know what they are, but appreciate you flagging that this could happen! We do have a property tax payment about to come due and we don’t know if the bank will pay it out of our escrow account, or if they’ll refund it and we’ll pay it… but we’re about to find out! :wink:


Yeah, it truly feels amazing! And our net worth looks extra pretty now, though we don’t really put much stock in our total number, mostly just our investable assets number and our taxable savings/investments number… but still, it’s extra pretty. :wink: If nothing else, we now truly know that we never HAVE to work for anyone else ever again. We have a roof over our heads that’s ours, and the rest is gravy. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much, Laura! :grin:


Thank you!! It feels incredible. :sunglasses: