Wanna see something awesome? ;-)


We paid off our house today! Wohoooooo!

That’s all. :wink:


I love the “as of 1 sec ago”. You didn’t waste time! =)


I had to hit “refresh” on the account summary, so that was just when it updated. :wink:


Congratulations, you home-owners you! What a huge, significant milestone. Enjoy your celebrations!


Woot woot!! What an AWESOME feeling! We just did that in April. What. An. Incredible. Feeling!!


Thank you! Right now it feels awesome but also not real – can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and think, “This is our house!” :slight_smile:


High fives all around! :smiley:


@OurNextLife Mic drop!:grinning:

Well done. Woot!


@OurNextLife Blog post in the works?


Congratulations!!! I can’t imagine what that must feel like.


Sweet. Thanks got to be a fun new stage to enter.


You are debt FREEEEEE! Time to do a dance!


That is amazing! Congratulations!



Now go back to your standard deduction! :wink:


LOL, @OurNextLife is probably going to have to retire first for that one.


Yeah, girl, yeah!!!


Awesome!!! We own a few properties free and clear. I remember how it felt paying the first one off. Love the feeling!


Congrats, and well done! Enjoy being real homeowners :+1:


You bet! Post on it Wednesday!


Thank you! We don’t quite know what it will feel like either… but we’re about to find out! :wink: