Virtual Assistants for Hire? Would You?


If it’s a task that requires almost no creativity, pay someone $3-$5 from east asia/phillipines to do it. If you’re looking for a programmer, eastern europe has some pretty good ones for much cheaper than the US. If you’re looking for an actual creative thinker for social media, well, you’re better off learning it yourself or finding someone in the US. It’s hard to replicate cultural norms. If someone else learns english, they might understand how to say things, but their grammar will be slightly off, their use of metaphors and colloquialisms won’t sound normal to an english speaker, and they won’t be able to replicate the buzzfeed/upworthy titles along with the graphics that US users are used to. This is speaking in generalizations, of course, but it all depends.


Are you familiar with HARO? It stands for Help A Reporter Out. Journalists post requests for experts to interview and experts can look for journalists needing people with their specific expertise. They send a daily email, or at least they did the last time I used it.


Nice! Very helpful. Thanks KvD!


Good rules of thumb. Thanks BOAF!


No, I haven’t heard of that! What the best way to find a reporter that would want to interview me?


Go to the HARO site (google it) and sign up for their emails. I think they come out daily. Scroll through the email until you find a request that fits you and respond per the instructions (IIRC, it’s like responding to a CraigsList listing where the recipient’s address is masked until they respond to the incoming email). Most requests are deadline driven.


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Very true. But you’d be surprised how familiar many Filipinos are with American metaphors and colloquialisms . I was born and raised in the Philippines, but I’ve watched shows like Mash, The Six Million Dollar Man, Seinfeld, Friends etc. while living there.