Vancouver meetup?


There seem to be a few people in BC on the forums here, so I figured I’d put out some feelers for a meetup! Lower Mainland seems reasonable, Vancouver might make the most sense since it’s fairly accessible, but that is certainly flexible. I’m away all next week, but otherwise almost any weekend in May or June would work for me. As we start to see if anyone’s interested we can start hammering out more details!

Tagging people I know are in BC:
@Tawcan @caitflanders @Vanessa @Stasher @letstalkaboutmoneyca

Please tag anyone else that you know is in our neck of the woods!


I’m now in Rossland (close to Nelson) so Vancouver is a bit of a trek but you never know…


We are regularly having meetups in Vancouver and Victoria through the MMM forums and don’t see why we couldnt figure out something over here.


Would be awesome to meet up for sure. I’m not active on the MMM forums


So as to not hijack @Money-Miser’s introductory post any further, reviving this one!

Any Vancouver area folk interested in a meet-up? And if so, I would love your thoughts about the following:

Activity - coffee, drinks, walk around the Seawall, picnic in the park, hike (any and all suggestions welcome!)

I am free any weekend in October except for this one (because Thanksgiving) and the 28th. So far November has no weekend commitments for me. I generally prefer somewhere reasonably accessible via transit.

Please chime in with your preferences/suggestions!


There does seem to be interest, but this thread seems to not be on people’s radar, so tagging people to get their attention. Please tag anyone you know of in the area that I’ve missed!

@Tawcan @Stasher @budgetundercover @debtstoriches @caitflanders @Money-Miser

Above post still applies, except the Thanksgiving part. :slight_smile:


I do want to find time to come across, it is a pricey day trip for me unless I can plan it to work out with public transit. Then it’s only like a $30 day I think. Maybe you just have to plan it and make it happen.


I’m generally free on weekends, other than on the 29 & November 5.


Unfortunately, I’m a bit tied up most of the Nov weekends. The last weekend of Nov might work.