Utilize hyper-miling knowledge to increase savings


Hyper-milers are those people who try to stretch miles per gallon to the limit. Very few people would be interested in doing what’s necessary to get 100 mpg or more when driving their car, but reading some of the standard things that hyper-milers do can help increase anyone’s mileage. Removing excess weight from a car’s trunk, using cruise control for highway driving, keeping tires properly inflated, reducing highway speed, only using air conditioning when necessary, etc. can lower gas consumption considerably when compared to not using their common sense suggestions. Read about hyper-miling on the internet to get a sense of what’s possible. The last time I checked the record-holder was a guy in California who was able to get 167 mpg in his Honda Natural Gas Hybrid!


Ha!! We drove 350 miles yesterday and my husband only used 3/4 tank of gas. I got in the driver’s seat and could not believe my eyes! He’s a cyclist, doesn’t even own a car. I said, this is crazy! He said, no it’s not I was hyper-miling. He told me to look it up…


Exactly! Some of the techniques are fascinating. I experimented with many of them and was amazed at the mileage difference. I no longer drive 60 mph–an ideal speed to maximize savings–but I still use some of the other sensible suggestions. An example is to park in a shopping center facing outward, so that you don’t have to use reverse. Another is to slow down for a traffic light or a curve without using brakes. Even having a clean car reduces drag. If nothing else, you can entertain your friends at dinner by telling them some of the crazy things that hyper-milers do to increase mileage beyond anything most people have ever heard about. LOL


I am seriously intrigued all this time whenever he would drive I thought he was just driving like an old lady. The truth is I drive like I’m late for work in the Starbucks drive thru.