Trying to get back on my feet which resulted in


Hey everyone,

Sid here.
I signed up as a community member a few months ago but I was never really active and therefore haven’t introduced myself yet. Now with a little time on my hand, my goal is to contribute here and learn from you all as much as I can.

A little about me: I am an accountant by profession and was working as an external auditor in Dallas, TX up until 2017. Joined a multinational company later which sent me to Dubai for a project. Now we are living in this part of the world and enjoying every bit of it. My wife and I are travel junkies and when this opportunity presented itself, my wife was quickly on-board.

Now coming to, a blog/website that I started not too long ago as a means of earning more income. A young couple, new baby, student loans and the credit card debt - all that usual stuff, you get the picture, right? When reality hit us hard, we decided to get into ultra savings mode and looked for new opportunities to make money. Now 12 months later, we are debt free.

During this time, GetBackOnFeet was born, where I along with few other freelancers cover “personal finance” topics. There are so many awesome personal finance blogs already out there, so I decided to do something different. Therefore, I got in touch with other talented writers and developed a website which will serve as a platform to other aspiring writers as well in the future (if all goes according to plan - touchwood). So this is a general idea behind GetBackOnFeet.

I request y’all to please do take a look at it. I will really appreciate any kind of constructive feedback. I know I still have a long way to go in terms of learning and developing a dedicated reader-base. So really looking forward to your comments.

Kind regards,


Welcome Sid!


Welcome, I look forward to reading!


Welcome, Sid!


Hi Sid,

Congrats on becoming debt free!

I just took a quick look at your site and honestly the home page was too busy for me. In the lower half, it seems many of the articles on the left side are redundant in the sidebar. I understand that may have to do with the number of articles you’ve published in particular categories, but right now it just feels like too much (seeing the same picture more than once in the same screen area on desktop).

In other words too many pictures and words for the eyes. Very hard to decide what to focus on. Maybe it’s just me but I think a less busy page would be more attractive and welcoming.


Hey Amy,
Thank you for the suggestions. I am really glad you took some time out to view my website. I’ll take your feedback into consideration.

Thanks again.