Tips for saving at the grocery store


“…and of course as always, I never,
ever pay for personal hygiene or beauty. There’s just no reason to.”HOW? LOL


If something we regularly consume goes on sale in a big way, and it has a decent shelf life, then we buy a lot of it–sometimes a year’s supply if the price drops 50% or more.


If you really want to cut costs, check out r/MealPrepSunday


We are living in the City of Basel, Switzerland. From our place it takes about 10 minutes by car to either Germany - OR - France. Since each item and product category has different price levels and quality in all three countries and crossing the border within the Schengen Area is fast as well as smooth we have compared thoroughly and now go grocery shopping, haircutting, eating out and much more in three nations sometimes in less than 2 hours a weekend.

Loving this tri-national geographic arbitrage and currency play right in front of our door.

Wine, red meat and certain cheese is just great from France, Germany has wonderful beer, good bread and diary products while in Switzerland we buy the chocolates and the gas for the car. Very often we can even claim back the value added tax pre-deducted in France and Germany while re-entering Switzerland.

Not sure whether some of you do this living around the US/ Canadian or US/Mexican borders?



I shop at a low cost produce market. I can often get three bags full of fruits and veggies for under $30. On top of that I shop like a Parisian to reduce waste. Shopping with a list helps too (although there are always a couple of items that wind up in my cart anyways).

Here’s a post I did on getting my food spending under control.


We buy items in bulk and also take advantage of the discounts and sales.