Tips for saving at the grocery store



I’m putting together a city-wide price book for my money saving twitter account, comparing staples in all of the grocery stores in my area. I’ve decided to add a tips page, giving suggestions on how to really save money while grocery shopping.

What are some things you do that help you save money?



Latest thing – order from Walmart online, pickup from their delivery section. I hate going inside Walmart, and having 3 young kids means we usually have to be creative to find a chance to go at all. Walmart online saves time and money and can take the kids and not even have to get them out of the car. Also saves on delivery fees from places like Instacart that deliver from local grocery stores.


Do most of our shopping at Aldi. Quicker, easier, cheaper.

Their cashiers are obviously on performance enhancing drugs. I don’t know how else to explain the fact that they can ring up 93 items in the time it takes to pull out my credit card, but it happens every time. They’re like Flash on the till.


2 main things:

  • meal plan for the week or month
  • shop with a list.

Also, reducing meat consumption. Tried talking family into going veg or only doing meat only 1x/week, but got pushback from everyone (sigh). So now it is just 3x/week


Seriously, does the cashier who rings the most items in a minute get a performance bonus? They bring Jimmy John’s “Freaky Fast” slogan to the grocery store.


We actually don’t have store store pickup here (yet)! It recently just started for one of the grocery stores here. Do they charge a fee where you’re from to do this? I know here, the store charges $3-5 depending on time of pickup.


So true… last time I went the dude was practically throwing the stuff at me as I was frantically trying to stuff it in my backpack. But not waiting in line is a beautiful thing


The Walmart near us just started the pickup recently. It’s free for orders over $30. Not sure of cost below that.

The delivery services through Instacart charge a fee but I don’t recall the exact fees. Instacart has a subscription service so if you pay for that I believe it “eliminates” the delivery fees.

I agree with PoF that Aldi is very well priced. However sometimes they just don’t have things. I need lactose free milk and sometimes the one near us is out.

I am obsessed with Costco. I practically invent reasons to go there. Cheaper gas, and can feed entire family for about $6 from their little food window.


Buy produce that’s in season or buy it frozen when it’s not if you can.

Prepare meals large enough to have leftovers. We always make enough for dinner to feed us for lunch the next day and sometimes for another meal later in the week or to freeze for later in the month.


Buy cheaper staples like chicken, cabbage, zucchini and potatoes etc. Design and test out multiple recipes using those ingredients so your base knowledge of food comes from a frugal source. Buy expensive treats like asparagus and raspberries in season and on occasion to break the autonomy.

Stores often have clearances (in my grocer there’s lots of meats on red tags) so I don’t plan meals when I do cook. I pick up a discount meat and find a way to work with it with the staples I always have.

Sad to say limiting variety isn’t fun but it definitely works.


We are far more successful in staying on a general budget and also saving time during the week when we plan out what we are going to make in the coming week. Having a glance at the sale ad and also the online coupons (we shop mostly at Safeway) helps us plan meals aroudn what is on sale. Plus, the bonus gas deals they’ve been giving us lately have been killer! Save an extra $1.00 per gallon - yes please!

An unexpected way that we save money is if I’m shopping by myself, I wear my headphones in the store. This keeps me focused on what is going in by shopping cart instead of being distracted by other families and noise and such. This is especially helpful in the produce department for me personally for some reason.

We also sometimes shop at Aldi but they are not as close to our house.


One word - “lentils”

You can buy a boat-load of lentils for 25c and they cook up to a huge amount! They can bulk up other dishes, or do them on their own. Roast some cumin, grind it and cook lentils with onions, garlic and ginger.


This is what we do:

-Meal planning
-Shopping with a list
-Avoiding unnecessary or unhealthy stuff (juice, chips, cookies, sugar…)
-Having a budget and sticking to it.


These are what we do:

  • Buy fresh veggies with a low price tag per pound (i.e. radish, bok choy, cabbage)
  • Buy fresh meat (i.e. pork, chicken)
  • Check what’s on sale and still fresh (I don’t suggest buying seafood on sale - food poisoning)

The most important thing is to not overbuy veggies which can easily go bad after a couple of days and not eat out often. :wink:


You’re all awesome! Thanks so much! Great feedback! :slight_smile:


We stopped eating meat and dairy at home in 2017, it cut our grocery shopping spending by 33% and helps the environment. We eat lots of veggies, fruits, lentils, and dry beans.


Costco!!! I love it!!!


I followed your advice to try at Aldi.

We started shopping there in July,

Since then, it has been the only grocery store we have shopped at.

On average, we save 30% compared to the other stores.


YES! I adopted a #Reducetarian diet for my health (eating meat only once a week) and found that my grocery expenditures dropped significantly.


New strategies on an old practice. Forget your misconceptions. I go to:

*The Krazy Coupon Lady

*HTSFF (How To Shop For Free). She was even getting free gas, free major appliances,
free (yes, new) clothing, and her book (used, Amazon <$5 w/shipping) is on the way here!

*A third site that I can’t right now remember.

One tip (can’t remember who said it) “…and of course as always, I never,
ever pay for personal hygiene or beauty. There’s just no reason to.”

Things I actually use at prices I can actually afford.

 -"Mad" Max Speedwell