This week's money challenge: what's your "why?"


Welcome to our first challenge!

Every Monday I’ll be issuing a new money related challenge for the Rockstar community. These challenges will be simple, fun, and most importantly, will help you take another step towards growing your wealth.

If it can be challenged, we will challenge it!

This Week’s Challenge: Find (and share) Your “Why”

We’re starting with the main point of it all - the reason you’re in a money forum right now and are so eager to improve your finances. Why do you want to learn about (and hopefully save) money so badly? What’s the end goal with it all?

The answer to this is your “why”.

Dig deep and go beyond “I want to get out of debt” or “I want to retire early”. Think about what it all truly means to you. How does accomplishing your money goals really affect your life?

Take time to think through your “why,” then write it down somewhere where you’ll see it every day.

Here’s mine:

What’s yours?

(Bonus points if you add up a pic!)

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Introducing myself! (Again)

Security for me & my family.

Bad things happen to ordinary people. I’ve always been a saver and investor, but before four and a half years ago my goals were fuzzy. Sure, I wanted to have money, and help the kids with college, but everything was just kind of…general goals. Then my husband almost died of septic shock - he was on a ventilator in a coma for a week, away from home for a month in the hospital and rehab, had visiting nurses, more surgeries, and so on and so on. For me, that really crystallized the role of money in my life. The emergency fund/emergency plan ensured we could pay the bills. And now I know exactly why I’m saving and investing.


Holy crap!! That’s so scary… I’m glad there was an “almost” in front of that next word!


My “why” is to be able to wake up and work on whatever the hell I want without having to think about money.

Which is ironic since to get to that point we always have to be thinking of our money :sunglasses:


My Why! My Mom died in May of this year…It was a huge wake up call. She had no life Insurance, no arrangements for funeral , no funds of any kind, only her Social Security checks which stopped. I was stunned at how much the total cost to do even the simplest tasks at a heart breaking time. Friends & Relatives “Always say if there is anything I can do!” But no one can step in and take control, only yourself. You can’'t depend on getting a loan, or pull money out of the air whenever you need it. I’m taking small steps at a time …


My why - I don’t want to work for anyone else anymore. I’m trying to create a solid enough base to be able to jump out of the 9-5 workday.



Heartbreaking. Im so sorry for your loss. This is a great lesson for all of us to make sure precautions are taken in the event of our deaths so our families do not have to deal with finances when they are already struggling with the emotions of losing a loved one. I hope some can learn from your story.



So sorry you had to go through that, dealing with the loss and having to work through the expenses around her estate in parallel. So much to deal with all at once…my heart goes out to you.


For my wife and I to be able to do:

  • What We Want
  • Where We Want
  • When We Want.

FIRE Date: June 2018


Woah. I’m so sorry that happened to you guys.

But like you said, it is important to go from “fuzzy goals” to “knowing exactly why I’m saving and investing.”


What would you do? Would you have a plan or literally wake up every morning and make it up as you go?


I am so very sorry you had to go through that.
Hang in there!

I’m curious, what do you say to people about getting life insurance?


That’s a great “why”. (My wife and I both quit our 9-5 jobs and have been supporting ourselves for over 2 years now. It’s the most thrilling and scary thing ever!!)

What’s your side hustle? If you don’t mind sharing.


Bonus points for sharing a pic!!!


Wow. June 2018 is right around the corner. (Jelly!)

I’m sure you will keep us all updated. Excited for you!!!


Indeed I will, @DerekOlsen. My blog is dedicated to documenting my preparation for the transition, and helping others learn from my mistakes along the way!!


Wow, scary. Good to hear that you’re your emergency fund is squared away.

My why is owning the environment I work in. All the jobs I’ve worked in have either had tremendously toxic environments, gone bankrupt, or outsourced the job I did.

I’ve always kept my ear to the floor and moved to a new employer (or even careers) before things truly crumbled, but I just have no interest in continuing to do that for the rest of my life.


Here’s My Why: I don’t want to be stuck having to work for the rest of my life. I want the flexibility to spend more time with family, to have my own family, and travel the world. My why is because I want to spend more of my time living and less time working.


My/our why is to own our own time, not be dependent on anyone or anything financially, and to be a blessing to our family (and help out the nieces and nephews monetarily and with guidance). FIRED October 14.