This week's challenge: Wake Up an Hour Earlier This Week


The Magic Hour is the hour between when you wake up and when you start getting ready for your day. (Most of us have a magic minute!)

Many people claim to get more done before 9 AM than they do the rest of the day and it’s all because there are fewer distractions and fewer people wanting your attention.

Shower, breakfast and getting ready for work doesn’t count! The magic hour is before all of that stuff.

This week’s challenge: Wake up an hour earlier and do something for your finances/career/dreams.

Use the time to knock out a few tasks or a project you’ve been putting off. Or better yet, start a new morning routine that allows you to ease into your day stress free.

Here are a few suggestions, but what you actually do with this hour is completely up to you.

  • Monday: Go for a walk or stretch. (Let’s ease in to this, nothing too drastic!)
  • Tuesday: Finally pay those bills that have been piling up on your counter.
  • Wednesday: Get to work an hour early to impress your boss and/or do actual work.
  • Thursday: Start tracking your net worth!
  • Friday: Go over your expenses from the week and see what you can be better about
  • Saturday: Work on your side hustle.
  • Sunday: Spend an hour in gratitude, thankfulness, and reflection.

Let us know what you do with your magic hour.

(Bonus points if you make it the entire week!)


Hmm - I wake up at 4 AM right now. Not sure I want to wake up at 3 AM. But I can definitely vouch that getting up at 4 AM lets me get a lot done before the craziness of the day!


Actually, this is exactly what I do when I need to get a project done: I wake up an hour earlier each day. I consider it “found time” especially because there’s a two hour window in the evening where I just know I’m not going to get anything done, so trying to leaves me frustrated and disappointed in myself.

Today, I woke up an extra hour earlier, moved the first part of my morning routine (reading) up, and then knocked three things off my todo list before 8 AM! Now I’ll resume my “regular” daily routine (workout, go to work until 6, then get back to working on my stuff) but I was able to get important things done first thing in the day!


This idea works! Not just for your finances but for all areas of your life!


My daily routine:

Wake up @ 4:30am
Eat breakfast and read for 30 minutes
Then either go to the gym @ 5am and work at 7am.
^^^^or just go to work and go to the gym at 6pm^^^^


What time do you go to bed?


Holy moly!!! You won this challenge before it even started.

Now I’m just wondering what waking up at 3 AM would actually look like.
You’d have to go to bed at 7 PM to get 8 hours sleep.

Actually, I used to work at a place were most the employees (including me sometimes) would start thier day at 3 or 4 AM.

I, uh, did not like it. :wink:


I’m a morning person! If I wake up any earlier and it will still be dark outside. :smiley:


Nailed it!!!

I totally get the part about not getting anything done in that 2 hour window in the evening and feeling disappointed. I’m the same way.


How long have you been doing this and how has it helped your life and productivity?


What time do you wake up? Any tips for those who haven’t yet started?


I started using one of those alarm clocks that lights up the room! I can never go back now!


I have been doing it since September of 2016. It allows me to take control of my day and gets my mind right for work (very stressful environment). I make a weekly GOAL list that I make myself accomplish with no questions asked:

Gym 6x per week (If I don’t make it in the AM I have to go in the PM)

Read at least 20 pages of a book every morning

Eat breakfast EVERY morning

Write an I LOVE YOU note to my wife and 3 year old EVERY morning

Pick up OT shift if available

Search the Internet for dressers for my wife (she flips several a month and brings home roughly $600-800 while having fun doing it)

You can kind of see what it does for me. It allows some ME time outside of the gym to keep my mind going strong and healthy.


I have no advice to give other than snark.

My body clock just naturally wakes up mere minutes before my alarm because I hate waking up to an alarm. It’s almost magic!

In regards to the snark, all solid possibility:
-go to bed earlier?
-set an alarm?
-open your blinds just enough to let the sun wake you?



Some true type A humans in this thread. Does going to bed an hour later than usual to achieve the same thing count, or spending the 20 minutes on the train in the morning commute reading instead of sleeping? :grin:

When do all you guys who get up before the sun rises go to sleep? I get up at 6:10 AM, and that’s after years of working to adjust my life from being a night owl, and going to bed early enough to make getting up at that hour feasible. If I don’t get enough sleep, and that’s at least 7 hours, I’ve just wasted the next day.


Around 8-8:30. I’m not a night person, I’m much more of a morning person. It’s a holdover from when I used to work from 6 AM until 3 PM. I did that for about 8 years, and just got used to getting up early


This is such a great experiment! I’m a day behind, but still hope to join the party :slight_smile:
In the winter, when it’s still cold and dark when you wake up, I’m having more trouble with getting up in the first place, let alone one hour before. But I have the same experience as to the ‘lost’ hours in the evenings.

Also having a Wake-up light here (which can work wonders), and heard that some extra vitamin D might help with waking up as well.


Tuesday updates!

How’s everyone doing with the challenge?

What have you been able to do with your extra hour?

Me? I went to the DMV to register a new-to-me car. Not sure if that’s a win or a fail?!?! lol


Everytime I try to wake up early, the kiddos end up waking up early and then it just becomes torturous for the rest of the day… I have started to try to wear them out the best I can from activities that I do with them or making them learn and some days (like today) I get them both to nap for a couple hours and I can really get to work and start drilling down on some fun stuff! This is a great idea though!


Wednesday updates!?


We’ve got a lot going on right now in our life. Way to much to share right now.

Carrie (my wife!) is 7 days overdue with our 2nd little girl.
Plus a bunch of other stuff I won’t bother you with.

But, I’m blaming my fail today on our 2 year old crying most the night because she wet the bed.

Excuses, excuses. I know.

How about you guys?
Please someone tell me you’ve taken this challenge and done something amazing like found the cure for cancer. I’m failing this challenge so bad!!