This Week's Challenge: Sell Something on Craigslist


Believe it or not, lots of people actually BUY Christmas gifts on Craigslist.

This is a great opportunity for everyone. You can make some cash and give someone else an opportunity to pick up some inexpensive gifts too. And while you are there, grab some inexpensive gifts for yourself! Selling stuff is a great way to de-clutter your house a little, just in time to re-clutter it :slight_smile:

Your challenge this week:

  1. List at least one item on Craigslist/eBay/one of those local Facebook groups
  2. Tell us what you’re trying to sell! (Drop a pic or link below for bonus points - maybe someone here will buy it!?)
  3. Make that money!!

Are you in?

PS: Great turnout for last week’s challenge - check out all the responses here.

Miss Personal Finance IN DA HOUSE

No small item for me. Posted it last Thursday though…


Since we sold 30 years worth of stuff in 24 hours, I’ll consider that my contribution to this week’s challenge. Here’s the article I wrote on the 24 hour blitz:


I’m selling a car on Craigslist too!!! I just need to take pics and actually list it. (I’ll post here when it’s ready.)


I used as reference…has not sold in one day


HAH! I’ve sold two of my last three cars on either Craigslist or eBay :slight_smile: One only running on 3 out of its 4 cylinders too! Haha… gotta love the internets.

As @DerekOlsen made fun of me in the write up today on the site, I’m currently trying to hawk this - any takers??? :slight_smile:


Wow, I read through that post. That is insane.


Cool, I’ll check that out.

I’m debating fixing the cracked windshield before listing it.

The issue is it might not pass inspection with a cracked windshield. (Unless you “know a guy” which I do!)
I just don’t want to drop the $250 on a windshield for a car I’m selling. I know I will be getting that money right back when I sell it. But there’s part of me that just wants the car gone!


I won’t be making fun when it sells for $2,000.


As I mentioned in the original post on Rockstar Finance, I’ve bought and sold a LOT of stuff on Craigslist.

I looked at my selling history and (assuming I got what I asked for each item) I’ve made at least $20,000 selling on craigslist!!! Wow, that’s a lot more than I thought. Of course it does count 2 cars, 1 travel trailer, 1 scooter, several musical instruments and lots of furniture.

Here’s a screenshot of my selling history. (Because I know how interested you are!)

And I’ve bought so many things on Craigslist I couldn’t possibly remember everything.
We recently got 2 couches, 1 chair and an ottoman for FREE on craigslist.

I also just gave away a baby crib for free just yesterday.
I’ll be listing one of our cars on Craigslist very soon.
We will also probably be listing some baby items soon that we don’t need anymore.

Craigslist really is amazing when you think about it.
So simple, so easy, but truly amazing.


Awesome! I sold my snowboard and helmet yesterday on Craigslist and have the boots leftover to sell today. :wink:


I’ve kind of lost hope in craigslist. It just such a hassle.

I get so many people that say they will buy an item and just don’t show up.
I’ve had several people show up and say they will buy full price, then only offer a fraction when we meet.
Get so many people that do extreme low balling, you’re already getting a steal of a deal, I’m not going to take 50% less than what I"m asking.

The opportunity cost just isn’t worth. Takes too much of my time and causes too much frustration for a few bucks.

I’ve switched to selling stuff mostly on my neighborhood association facebook page. Easier, and I know most of the people so they will actually show up and be honest with me. No BS.

I still give stuff away for free on craigslist if its not worth selling or I just want it gone FAST. You can give away anything for free on Craigslist and people will show up and take it. I recently gave away half a cinder block. Posted on the 'list and it was gone in less than 45 minutes.


I’m reminded of an offer I got last year. I was selling all my paintball equipment and gun since I never used it anymore. I was asking $75 for a set of gear probably worth ~$200.

I had many people low ball me, offering 25 or 30.

My favorite was a guy that emailed me:
“Yo, I’ll give you a pump bb gun and a 16” machete for that paintball gun"



It’s true that Craigslist people can be flaky and try to lowball. (I’m guilty!)

But my success rate at buying and selling is still very high.

I’ve heard great things about Craigslist alternatives like FB groups and neighborhood groups too.
Our neighborhood does a yearly kid/baby swap where everything is free. We just scored a ton of great stuff last week. We plan on giving back when our kids grow out of their clothes and toys.


And you said YES!!! lol, Right?

I always price my stuff higher than what I’ll actually take because I know people will try to lowball.


Not post related but I see you’re in Chicago - hop over to the Chicago Area Chapter page and join our club! We plan to meet once a month to talk money in some frugal fashion…happy hour, hike, potluck. :slight_smile:


@FlyinTeacher @MissMazuma


GoPro anyone? Oh…and I have 12 chair covers from Ikea I bought for $9 each last week when they were discontinued. Selling those on Ebay/craiglist too. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Derek!


If only driving out to Chicago to pick these up wouldn’t defeat the $-saving point…right size, too!