This Week's Challenge: Return, Re-gift, or Donate One Thing!


This week’s challenge: return, re-gift, or donate one present you know for sure does not belong in your house.

I’m going to go waaaaaay out on a limb and guess you got a Christmas gift (or five!) you just don’t like or will never use. (You’re thinking of the gift right now aren’t you?)

You’re also thinking about what to do with it.

Today we’re giving you FULL permission to unload it before it turns into more clutter.

Here’s your marching orders:

  1. Pick one item you aren’t going to ever use.
  2. Return, re-gift, or donate it!
  3. Tell us what it is!

Personally, I got socks and cash and I’m NOT returning any of those!


(Just don’t re-gift any label makers :))


My husband and I got some sweaters from my mother-in-law that were…not quite our style. So we donated them to a local nursing home yesterday so the residents can have new sweaters and stay warm.

Today we’re headed out to exchange some duplicate items the boys got for the holidays. They got quite a few duplicates this year-not sure why? But we’ll brave the crowds today to get something they actually want/will use.


We have two of our neighbor’s kids who we will be regifting little knicknacks we got. We were luck to get mostly practical things we asked for. We’ll be using our Target gift card for new bed sheets that we desperately need! We’re also going to be purging through our clothes over the next two weeks. For everyone new piece of clothing we got, we will donate one.


Great examples.

Am I a jerk for laughing at the sweaters you got being more suited for people in a nursing home, fashion-wise??


A fantastic way to keep the clutter down!!


:sunglasses: minimalism success :heavy_check_mark:. No gifts no regifting :slight_smile:


haha, love it. I guess your success on this challenge is infinite.


This year, we were pretty emphatic with everyone - preference was no ‘gifts’, but if they really wanted to give us something, small luxuries, like a few nice chocolates, some special cheese, posh crackers, or books would be very welcome. It worked really well.
Only one physical ‘gift’ which will make a nice christmas decoration next year, the rest will keep us going in ‘treats’ for a while.
No jumpers, socks or anything else…
Meanwhile with 35 hours of flying on Wednesday to Friday this week, the books will come in useful, and also be used on the way home again in a month!


@erith, it finally worked for me too! I had asked for either a bottle of wine worth less than $10, or if people weren’t comfortable buying alcohol, something consumable or handmade (still worth <$10). Everyone actually came through for me which is fantastic. No stuff, just some good wine, chocolates and handmade drink coasters.

@DerekOlsen, I did identify some previous year’s gifts that are still sitting unused (pretty Christmas plate/mug sets), so they will actually be put on our local Facebook buy and sell (which I’ve never done before, I’m a bit apprehensive as to how it all works).


Bonus points for getting rid of LAST year’s unused Christmas gifts.


Challenge accepted @DerekOlsen.

Many years ago my brother gave me a really bad paperback book for my birthday. I couldn’t finish it, it was that bad.

So for his birthday I wrapped it up and gave it back to him.

He returned the favour that Christmas.

This has been going on, backwards and forwards, for nearly 20 years now.

I found out recently that he didn’t even buy the book to begin with, he found it left behind on the bus.

What's the cheapest thing you've ever done?

I vote for continuing this hilariousness for at least another 20 years.


This is why I generally give the gift of my presence, time, and company. Despite their best efforts, nobody’s been able to successfully re-gift that.


That is hilarious. I love that story.


My cousin bought me a GIANT box (1ft x 3ft) of chocolate for Christmas…I used to be the “Candy Queen” in the family. Those days are definitely gone…apparently once you are over 35 you start to gain weight when you eat like shit! Anywho, I worked Christmas day and took the giant box of candy to the flight attendant lounge to give to the supervisors on duty. Everyone I passed along the way made some kind of comment about the box and how huge it was! :laughing: The Sups were more than happy to get it and I was more than happy to give it!


I don’t know if this qualifies as a regift but we received chocolates and crackers, both of which we don’t eat. We’ll be serving them to folks who we know will enjoy them at our family gathering later this month.


Chocolate is about the easiest gift to regift/donate/give away, isn’t it?


Haha - totally! I regifted a bunch of other stuff too but the sheer size of this box made it so ridiculous I had to give it away just so others could laugh at it! BTW - those ferrero are what I give my Nana every year! She loves them!!


My mother-in-law has…interesting…taste in clothes. We have specifically asked multiple times to not get clothes for holidays/birthdays (oh we have so many sweaters! Don’t need any more!) but she loves getting them. So hopefully the nursing home residents will enjoy them!

I also have boxed up 4 boxes of returns to go to Amazon of duplicates the kids received. Hopefully they can get something they’ll use instead!


I got an ice cube tray in my stockings - no joke. Def. going to donate that, but instead of sharing a picture of it because, well, it’s pretty boring, here is something COOL that I got! Which I’m sure you guys would appreciate :slight_smile: